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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 451: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(12)

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Chapter 451: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(12)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian panicked. Even though everything was fine a moment ago, why would she suddenly cry? "Qiao Qiao..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Qiao Anhao started to question him as tears continued to stream down her face.

"Why did you jump down?"

The instance she asked the question, she could feel her chest start to hurt once more.

For the past few weeks, she had been desperately trying to suppress her feelings for him, but in an instance, everything came gushing out.

He continued to study her expression: she seemed agitated, her lips trembling as she repeated the question once more. "Lu Jinnian, why bother about me? Why jump down to save me?"

Tears continued to stream down her face continuously while Lu Jinnian stared on in anxiety. Half his heart had frozen over, and due to his fever, he seemed to be in a slight daze, his pale lips moved slightly but he remained silent.

Qiao Anhao’s tears started to fall at a faster rate. She lifted her hands to wipe them off, but they seemed to be never ending, drowning her entire face. She bit down on her lip, forcing back her cries as she stared at Lu Jinnian. Taking another deep breath, she added, "Do you know how much I wish you were out of my life!"

Lu Jinnian remained expressionless, as though he didn't care what she had said, but behind him, in a corner she couldn't see, he was holding tightly onto a pile of dirt.

"We're no longer a couple, no wait, we were never a couple, but now, we are officially strangers... You have no idea how hard I’ve been trying to ignore your presence..." The more Qiao Anhao spoke, the more her heart started to ache. In the end, she started to plead with him. "Lu Jinnian, I beg you, please leave me alone... You have no idea how pained and upset I get whenever I see you..."

Qiao Anhao's knees buckled and she dropped to the floor, crying into the ground.

Lu Jinnian had never known that he had been bringing her pain all this while. Even if she released him and left his world, he still had hopes, he still tried desperately to appear before her, to treat her well.

Initially, Qiao Anhao was still able to ignore his presence, but today... When she had fallen from the cliff, he had come after her, he had helped her tend to her wound, given her his clothes, braved the rain, endured the cold, and now, he acted as though everything was fine when he was running a high fever.

If he was able to do such a cruel thing to her, why couldn't he just continue to be cruel so that she would be able to forget him? Why did he have to treat her so well after doing such a thing? His actions made her waver, made her heart confused, made her struggle between hatred and love. It was driving her to the edge...

Lu Jinnian could no longer hear a thing, his mind blank. All he could hear were her cries, each sob driving a dagger deeper into his heart.

Her words repeated continuously in his mind, seemingly killing his soul every single time.
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