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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 449: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(10)

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Chapter 449: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(10)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
After about half an hour since Lu Jinnian had left the cave, lighting pierce the skies before a thundering clap sounded. Qiao Anhao, who had been in a daze, shuddered. Just then, it started pouring outside the cave.

The forest was dense, so there wasn't much rain falling to the ground.

Then again, another lighting struck through the skies. Qiao Anhao started to feel uneasy, worried that Lu Jinnian would be struck. She placed her hands on the floor and tried to stand up. When she was prepared to walk out, she saw Lu Jinnian coming back with branches in his hands. She grabbed onto her clothes and sat back down.

Lu Jinnian added more branches into the fire. When it started to blaze, he reached into the pile of branches for some fruits and threw a couple to Qiao Anhao. "Fill your tummy."

Qiao Anhao looked at the red looking fruit that looked like an apple but wasn't . She hesitated slightly before reaching for it.

Lu Jinnian seemed to have guessed her thoughts. As he continued to fiddle with the branches, he explained, "Its a wild fruit that can be eaten. In the past, when the filming conditions were bad, I had to live like this in the forest as well. Back then, an elderly farmer told me that the people in his village would eat this often."

Qiao Anhao let out a light "oh" lightly before rubbing the fruit with her clothes. She placed it in her mouth and took a bite. It was sweet and sour and tasted delicious.

Recently, Lu Jinnian had been trying to use different ways to get close to her, but he could always feel her distance and just chose to ignore it.

He knew that ever since Xu Jiamu woke up, he was no longer needed.

He washed his face, a tinge of despair and loneliness creeping onto his expression as he continued to fiddle with the fire.

The rain outside was getting harsher, beating onto the branches, causing loud sounds.

Other than the sound of water, the crackling of the fire could be heard in the cave as well.

They sank into silence, no longer speaking to each other.

Qiao Anhao ate two fruits. When she was finally full, she lowered her head to stare at the fire.

After a seemingly look while, the rain still continued to fall. Lu Jinnian reached towards his jacket, which was already dry. He grabbed it and walked towards Qiao Anhao, placing it over her shoulders. "If you're tired, you can sleep. I'll keep watch."

Qiao Anhao looked towards him, her lips moving slightly but nothing coming out in the end. She laid down on the straw mat and curled her body. With Lu Jinnian's jacket covering her, she shut her eyes.

After a while, she could hear Lu Jinnian's footsteps going away. She opened her eyes slightly and saw that he was half naked, leaning at the edge of the cave.

He turned his head to look out the entrance, his face emotionless as though he hadn't a care in the world, but somehow she could sense loneliness and despair radiating off him.

In the end, she shut her eyes, forcing herself to sleep.
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