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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 444: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(5)

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Chapter 444: Why Didn't You Want My Child?(5)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
As they stared at each other in confrontation, Cheng Yang was the first to yield. He glanced back with mixed feelings. "Listen to my explanation..."

"What explanation? That you weren't the groom yesterday?" Before he could finish, Qiao Anhao started to interrogate him. She stared at him with both love and hate before seemingly coming to a decision.

With her delicate jaw slightly tilted upwards, she pulled her long sword out and pointed it at Cheng Yang's chest. "Pull your sword, you once said that if you were to betray me, you would willingly accept death. Today, only one of us will live."

As she spoke, she swung her sword at him aggressively. Cheng Yang anxiously dodged it. "It isn't like what you think..."

Qiao Anhao continued to swing her sword as though he hadn't spoken. This time, Cheng Yang pulled his sword out to counter her.

Cheng Yang didn't attack her, he just defended himself.

As Qiao Anhao’s character watched the man she loved marrying someone else, her heart was wrenched apart. Her eyes red, she attacked with viciousness.

The two of them fought on the cliff , the rose in the air with the use of wires.

Her red dress and his black robe entwined together as they fought, forming a beautiful sight, blending with the scenery behind.

In the end, Cheng Yang was defeated, Qiao Anhao pointing at his chest mercilessly. Cheng Yang had on a shocked expression before finally shutting his eyes, waiting for death to take him.

Qiao Anhao held her sword forward. The instant she touched his skin, she froze, her hands trembling. In the end, she wasn't able to do it. She tossed the sword on the floor before turning around, a single tear dropping straight down her face, and she flew upwards with the help of the wire.

"Cut!" the director shouted in satisfaction. As he clapped his hands, he couldn't stop singing praises. "Well done! Well done! It was a good take!"

The last scene for the day finally ended, and everyone took in a deep breath. As the crew started clearing the equipment, Qiao Anhao started to untie the wire while apologizing to Cheng Yang who was beside her. "I seemed to have been too violent just now, I hope I didn't injure you?"

"I'm fine." Cheng Yang smiled before lowering his head to allow his assistant to help remove the outermost layer of the costume.

The last scene had lots of difficult actions that used up a lot of her energy, so Qiao Anhao was soaked in sweat. After confirming that Cheng Yang was fine, she returned a bright smile before wiping the sweat off her face.

She got Zhao Meng to pass her a bottle of water and downed it. But before she could drink more than two gulps, she suddenly felt the ground shake. Before she could react, she heard the sound of stones falling, and her feet started losing ground; she fell from the three meter cliff.

The fall was sudden, and Zhao Meng who was beside her was the first to see it happen. A sharp scream pierced the air, "Qiao Qiao!"

She turned back hurriedly, shouting with her entire lungs, "Qiao Qiao fell down, Qiao Qiao fell down!"

Lu Jinnian, who stood beside the camera and was talking to the director, was the first to react. He turned to look at the cliff, where the red figure was no longer standing Before his mind could process the information, he ran to the edge of the cliff, and without a word, he jumped.
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