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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 435: Silent Companionship(23)

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Chapter 435: Silent Companionship(23)

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The next morning, Lu Jinnian set out early to work as usual. As he passed by Xu Jiamu's mansion, he deliberately slowed the car, glancing at the mansion through the car’s windows.

Maybe because he had spoken to Qiao Anhao the night before, he was in an exceptionally good mood. After settling his documents, he stood in a corner of his office in front of the floor length window, reminiscing about their conversation the previous day.

Even though their conversation didn't hold much meaning, it still managed to place a smile on his face.

Deep inside, he was starting to find the short distance between his mansion and the entrance of Mian Xiu Garden adorable.

Lu Jinnian pondered it for a long while before lowering his head to drink some coffee. Just then, he heard knocking on the door. He swallowed the coffee in his mouth before replying faintly, "Come in."

His door opened slightly and his assistant came in with a document in his hands. "Mr. Lu, you need to sign this."

Lu Jinnian walked back to his desk, placing the cup down. He reached for the document and flipped it slightly before signing his name, returning it back to his assistant.

The man reached for the document with both hands before continuing, "Oh, Mr. Lu, there’s one more thing. I have contacted the variety show that you assigned to Qiao Anhao previously, they would be recording on the ninth if this month. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll get someone to inform her."

"Yea..." Lu Jinnian replied naturally, but when his assistant was about to leave, he suddenly spoke again. "Wait."

His assistant turned back in confusion. "Mr. Lu, do you need me for anything else?"

Lu Jinnian hesitated slightly before replying, "I'll inform her myself."

The assistant paused slightly, not knowing how to respond. After about a second, his mind seemed to have processed Lu Jinnian's words. He nodded politely, replying, "I understand, Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian waited for his assistant to leave and closed the door before reaching for his phone. He keyed in the numbers that he had keyed in so many times these past few days but never dared dial.


Qiao Anhao would often feel uncomfortable on the first day of her period, staying in bed till it was afternoon.

There was a mini home theater in Xu Jiamu's house. After lunch, she decided to watch a movie out of boredom.

Halfway through it, Xu Jiamu called her, apologizing for his absence the previous night.

He sounded weird through the phone, but Qiao Anhao didn't ask much, and call was quickly cut off.

She placed the phone back down on the sofa, but just then it rang once again. She originally thought it was Xu Jiamu since the call had cut off abruptly, so she waited for it to ring a few times before picking up.

When she saw the phone screen and Lu Jinnian's name, she froze slightly before answering with a soft "Hello".

"It's me," Lu Jinnian's usual frosty voice came through.

Qiao Anhao gripped the phone tightly, acknowledging with a soft "yea". Continuing, she asked politely, "What is it?"
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