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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 434: Silent Companionship (22)

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Chapter 434: Silent Companionship (22)

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Qiao Anhao frowned slightly. While she was still thinking about it, she suddenly spotted a bag in front of her.

She wasn't sure what was in the bag and was worried that it was a late night prank. Lifting her head, she scanned the empty front yard. After hesitating for a long while, she knelt down to examine the contents of the bag. With the glow from the lamp at the entrance, she saw that the bag belonged to the convenience store that she had gone to just now.

Carefully, she pried the plastic bag open slightly. Inside, she saw two boxes with logos. Her heavy heart finally settled, and with both hands, she hurriedly opened the bag to take what was inside out.

Two boxes of red ginger tea, a big bag of hot packs, and three bags of dates... These were the usual things that women on their period would have. Red ginger tea was exceptionally good at alleviating any period cramps.

But her period had just come and she hadn't told anyone, who could...

Before her sentence could form, she instinctively turned to look at Lu Jinnian's mansion.

Lu Jinnian's car was just entering his mansion, the glaring light still on. As he was parking his car, the front of it was facing Xu Jiamu's mansion, blinding Qiao Anhao. She reached her hands up to block her eyes, only when the lights dim did she put them down.

The front yard lights never turned on. She couldn't see anything, but she could hear the sound of the door closing. Soon after, the house lit up, the lights spilling into the yard, lighting it up.

Qiao Anhao stared at the lights for a long while before retracting her gaze. She looked back down at the bag before her, realizing that these were placed here by Lu Jinnian.

It was actually quite easy to guess. He was the only one that knew she was on her period, and he must have returned back to the convenience store to get this bag for her when she had entered the house.

Qiao Anhao's heart squeezed slightly. She knelt for a long while before placing everything back into the bag and bringing it back into the house. Before she entered, she turned back to take one last look at the mansion ahead that was lit up.  

When she reached her room, she opened a pack of red ginger tea, making herself a cup. The aroma from the tea filled the entire room instantly.

As she sat on the sofa, she stared at the steaming hot cup, her feelings growing confused.

She knew that Lu Jinnian had gone to the convenience store with her because he was worried, she also knew that he had bought things for her because he cared for her.

But she could not understand what his care and concern meant right not. Was it because of the child that he had killed? Was he trying to make himself feel better because of the guilt?

Many times, even though one knew that they could not be together, one would still feel touched and moved by the other's actions.

Just like her and Lu Jinnian. He had killed her child, so she had decided to stop loving him, even struggling to remove him from her memory, but tonight, she couldn't help but feel touched by his actions.
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