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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 433: Silent Companionship (21)

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Chapter 433: Silent Companionship (21)

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Qiao Anhao stood still for a short while before following after Lu Jinnian.

Just like that, he walked in front while she trailed after, maintaining a short distance between them.

They remained silent the entire journey, neither attempting to speak to the other.

When they reached the convenience store, Lu Jinnian stopped at the entrance, waiting for her to go in alone. Through the glass windows, he saw her throwing a few bags of sanitary pads in her basket.

So her monthly period was here, no wonder she said it was urgent...

When she was at the cashier, Lu Jinnian pushed open the door and reached for his wallet. When the cashier had finished scanning the goods, he passed a hundred dollar bill over.

"I brought small change..."

Qiao Anhao took a few ten dollar notes out of her wallet, but before she could pass it to the cashier, Lu Jinnian had already reached for the change that the cashier had passed over. He took the bag filled with sanitary pads and headed out of the shop without her.

Just like before, they maintained a small distance between them, with him in front and her trailing behind. When she lifted her head to look at him, she thought to have seen loneliness in his wide shoulders. She couldn't bear it and averted her gaze.

The night was silent, the glow from the moon shinning down upon them, elongating their shadows.

When they reached the entrance to Xu Jiamu's mansion, Lu Jinnian stopped and passed the bag over to Qiao Anhao.

She reached for it and thanked him.

He didn't reply, and the two of them looked at each other in silence.

Lu Jinnian knew that he was supposed to tell her to go back and rest early, but the words remained stuck in his throat, unable to come out. Just like that, they stood silently.

When the silent atmosphere was starting to turn awkward and Qiao Anhao realized that Lu Jinnian wasn't going to say anything, she lifted her head and said, "I'll go now."

Lu Jinnian lowered his lashes, nodding his head after some time. He lifted his lashes before saying a faint, "Rest well."

"Yea," Qiao Anhao replied softly, tightening her grip on the bag. She brushed past Lu Jinnian and entered the mansion.

Lu Jinnian stood at the entrance for a long while. When he was sure that she had entered the room, he shifted his gaze and lifted his head to look at the night sky. He took a few steps toward his mansion before turning back towards the convenience store abruptly.

When Qiao Anhao returned back to the bedroom, she cleaned herself once more before washing the soiled panties.

Before, when her period came, it would always be without any notice, without any discomfort, but now, her stomach felt bloated and hurt slightly. She wasn't sure if it was because the temperature of the water she had used to wash her panties was too low.

She hung her panties in the balcony and was about to go back to bed when the door bell suddenly rang.

She walked down and when she peeped through the door hole, she didn't see anyone. She started to feel worried, hesitated slightly, but still opened the door in the end. There wasn't anyone there, the front yard was empty as well.

Qiao Anhao frowned slightly. While she was still thinking about it, she suddenly spotted a bag in front of her.
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