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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 429: Silent Companionship (17)

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Chapter 429: Silent Companionship (17)

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The entire private room instantly froze. The man sitting next to Xu Jiamu swiftly explained, "Young master Xu, you've got it wrong. Miss Song is our business partner, not one of the girls."

Manager promptly said, "That's right, Young master Xu. Miss Song is our guest."

In the face of every one's comments around him, Xu Jiamu had no intention of changing his mind. He still chose Song Xiangsi. The words from his mouth seemed as though they were directed at the manager but were in fact meant for Song Xiangsi to hear. "Name a price. How much will it be to go out for supper?"

Song Xiangsi, who was originally a little bewildered, completely understood what was happening in that very moment. Her brows didn't move, she calmly stood her place and stared back at Xu Jiamu.

"Ermm... that's..." The manager didn't dare offend Xu Jiamu or Song Xiangsi, so he only said these two words. He glanced over at both parties, then smiled with a troubled look and said, "Young master Xu, take a look at these pretty girls I brought. They're new. Which do you like? You can also take them out for supper."

"To go out for supper with this girl, five thousand. What? Won't this price cover this girl?" Xu Jiamu effectively disregarded the manager's words. On his own accord, he looked back at Song Xiangsi, and after a while, he asked, "Could it be that you want five million?"

Xu Jiamu purposefully emphasized the words "Five million". A hint of temptation clearly appeared in Song Xiangsi's eyes.

Xu Jiamu curved his lips into a smile, as his eyes fell on the manager, yet his words were for Song Xiangsi to hear. "You won't agree to five million? Then fifty million? Five hundred million..."

The manager carefully said, "Mr. Xu, this isn't something I can decide."

When he finished speaking, the manager glanced over at Song Xiangsi, who was standing to one side.

This time, Xu Jiamu absolutely didn't give Song Xiangsi any time to react at all, by directly adding, "Unless you don't want money, you want something else? If it's not face..."

Before Xu Jiamu could finish, Song Xiangsi suddenly shot a bright smile and said, "It's just supper, right? I'll go."

In the entertainment circle, Song Xiangsi practically never ate alone with a man. No matter how high the price, one couldn't take her out. At most, she would attend an event like this one tonight under the pretense they were business partners. And so, when she said those words, everyone in the room stared blankly for a moment.

Song Xiangsi always did things her way. In the face of everybody's doubts, she didn't have the slightest intention of explaining herself. Instead, she hastily walked out of the private room first, stood outside, and waited for Xu Jiamu.

Xu Jiamu got up and threw at the manager, "Put the bill for this room under my name". Then he bid everyone farewell and walked out without even a look at Song Xiangsi, who waited at the door outside. He took big strides towards the exit.

The two of them didn’t speak to each other all the way to the car park. Xu Jiamu opened the car door, glanced at Song Xiangsi, and got in the car fist. He waited for her to get in before abruptly stepping on the accelerator, and his car jumped out.

The car was silent. From the very start, Xu Jiamu never looked directly at Song Xiangsi. When they were about to reach Gui Street, Song Xiangsi asked, "Young master Xu, where are we going for supper?"

Xu Jiamu didn't make a sound. Rage surged beneath his eyes, and he drove faster.

In the end, Xu Jiamu turned the car into a high-end apartment block in the city. Song Xiangsi's expression grew pale.
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