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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 425: Silent Companionship (13)

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Chapter 425: Silent Companionship (13)

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After Xu Jiamu hung up the phone, he coincidentally saw Lu Jinnian and his assistant coming out from the office block. Xu Jiamu paused for a moment, then pushed open the car door and waved over at his friend.

Lu Jinnian’s eyebrows twitched when he saw Xu Jiamu and he walked over. "How come you're here?"

Xu Jiamu called out "Bro", then replied to the question Lu Jinnian had just asked, "I'm here to pick up Qiao Qiao."

Lu Jinnian's assistant, who stood next to Lu Jinnian, shuddered a little, and hurriedly greeted Xu Jiamu in an attempt to change the topic, "Mr. Xu, long time no see."

Xu Jiamu politely smiled at Lu Jinnian's assistant, then turned his head to sincerely invite Lu Jinnian. "Bro, Qiao Anxia is treating everyone to karaoke at the Royal Palace, are you free? If you're not doing anything, let's go together."

Lu Jinnian's expression and tone was as calm as water when he spoke. "I have to go to a dinner tonight."

Even though Han Ruchu often told Xu Jiamu to stay away from Lu Jinnian since he was young, but in his heart, he really liked his brother. He loved to call his brother out whenever he did something.

When he heard this, a hint of disappointment crept into his heart. "Oh, right. Bro, tend to your business, it's more important."

Lu Jinnian's car stopped by the roadside, and Xu Jiamu personally opened the car door for his brother. When Lu Jinnian got in, Xu Jiamu ordered his assistant, "Don't let my bro drink too much."

"Don't worry, Mr. Xu."

Xu Jiamu nodded as he bent down, and said to Lu Jinnian, "Bye then, Bro."

When he saw Lu Jinnian nod back, he closed the door and stepped back two steps.

"Goodbye, Mr. Xu," the assistant said with his windows rolled down. He stepped on the accelerator and slowly drove off.

Xu Jiamu stood by the road until Lu Jinnian's car drove into a main road, then he turned around to see if Qiao Anhao had arrived yet. As a result, when he turned his head, he saw a familiar figure come out from Huan Ying Entertainment's office block.

All of a sudden, the muscles in Xu Jiamu's entire body involuntarily seized up.

Song Xiangsi walked out of the building in ten centimeter heels, furious, with her assistant and manager trailing behind her. She said to her manager slightly annoyed, "I've told you many times, don't sign me up for dinner parties. Don't accept them on my behalf. I wanted to go home to sleep tonight, but now, great..."

At the sight of Xu Jiamu at the foot of the stairs, Song Xiangsi suddenly stopped talking and so did her footsteps.

The assistant and manager behind her also stopped walking and looked over at her, a little confused. As they followed her line of sight, their eyes landed on Xu Jiamu.

The manager and assistant looked at one another but didn't say a word.

On the main street, there was the endless noise of of cars driving past.

In two short minutes, quite a few people entered the Huan Ying Entertainment block, and quite a few people also left it.

There were five meters between Song Xiangsi and Xu Jiamu as they both stared at each other.

After about a minute, when Song Xiangsi assumed Xu Jiamu would walk over to say something, he pulled open the car door behind him and sat inside.
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