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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 415: Silent Companionship (3)

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Chapter 415: Silent Companionship (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Zhao Meng called Qiao Anhao's name a few times but didn't get a response. Her friend had her head raised, staring deeply at her phone. Wanting to pull a prank, Zhao Meng quietly got up and walked in front of Qiao Anhao, looking at her phone screen.

She whispered gently into her ear, "Qiao Qiao, what are you looking at that's got you so hooked?"

Qiao Anhao shivered in shock, then quickly reacted by flipping her phone over and putting it onto the table.

It was a shame though, Qiao Anhao had fast reactions, but Zhao Meng had already seen everything on her phone screen. She looked over at Qiao Anhao with a lovey-dovey expression. "Tut tut tut". She asked mysteriously, "What? Qiao Qiao, did you fall for Mr. Lu? Are you eager to go home now? Do you really want to go see him?"

Qiao Anhao lowered her eyes, not saying a word.

Zhao Meng couldn't see that anything was out of the ordinary, so she continued to say, "Tomorrow we can go back to Beijing. We'll reach Beijing International Airport by the following day, at seven in the morning. If you really miss him like crazy, we could first go to Huan Ying Entertainment..."

"Zhao Meng," Qiao Anhao suddenly interrupted her friend’s words.

Zhao Meng paused, but she still wore a mischievous smile on her face as she stared at Qiao Anhao. Qiao Anhao pursed her lips, tightly gripping her phone. Then she lifted her eyes, looked over, and said in a serious voice, "Zhao Meng, I broke up with Lu Jinnian."

Zhao Meng's eyes shot open. She stared at Qiao Anhao with a look of disbelief.

Qiao Anhao curved her lips into a smile. "Sorry for not telling you for so many days..."

It had already been half a month since they weren't husband and wife. Remembering it again, Qiao Anhao's eyes still flared up. She turned her head and stared out of the window at the local scenery of the foreign country, then slowly added, "… Lu Jinnian and I are no longer husband and wife."

Zhao Meng was completely stunned for five minutes, before she murmured, "Wasn't everything just fine before? Why so sudden?"

Qiao Anhao didn't make a sound, but tears began to roll down from the corners of her eyes.

That's right, everything was fine before. She even fantasized that after Xu Jiamu woke up, they would still be friends, and they would still have a future. However, all of a sudden, everything changed. She could no longer be with him, nor would she ever have any fantasies about him, or see him ever again.

He was just a higher up of a filming company that she was signed up with. He was just the man of her youth she loved for thirteen years, who wore a white shirt and stood under a roof with a callous expression when they avoided the rain together. From now on, he would be deep in her heart, in a dream that would never be touched.


Lu Jinnian sat at the window seat on the fifth floor cafe of the Four seasons hotel. Beside him, his assistant kicked his leg under the table for the eighth time. Then, with an apologetic expression, he smiled at the two people sitting opposite them and said, "Sorry, just a moment."

It seemed like the two of them wouldn't sit still for any longer, but they remained calm, forcing a smile back at him.

Then, the entire table fell silent again for a long time. As time slowly went by, Lu Jinnian's assistant was a little uncomfortable in his seat, and became a little anxious.

A proposal was put in front of Lu Jinnian. They wasted two whole hours of the partners’ time. Even with the reminder, Lu Jinnian still had no reaction, just staring blankly at the contract.
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