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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 367: Xu Jiamu Woke Up (7)

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Chapter 367: Xu Jiamu Woke Up (7)

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"I just realized that the gift you gave me had 'Shmily' engraved on it. These past few years, this brand has been especially popular."

Actually, Qiao Anhao had long ago seen the engraved letters 'Shmily' on Lu Jinnian's first gift. Back then, she didn't know what it was, nor did she know that this brand produced all kinds of gifts. Up until around four years ago when she saw a Shmily gift store on the high street. That's when she knew that those letters were the name of a brand.

Lu Jinnian's tone remained elegant and calm. "That brand's gifts aren't bad."

"They're great." Qiao Anhao sounded like she really agreed. After a while, she said, "Do you know the touching story behind this brand?"

"What story?"

"I saw on Weibo that this brand, Shmily, was an acronym for See, How, Much, I, Love, You. They say that the founder of the brand was a lovesick man. The only reason why he created this brand was to confess to the woman he loved, but the gifts industry was too competitive. The popularity of this brand was low for many years before it grew popular. Then this story has been shared on Weibo."

"So there's such a romantic story."

"Yeah, it's really romantic!" Qiao Anhao's words had a hint of envy. "That girl is so lucky."

Lu Jinnian smiled without saying a word, as he piggybacked Qiao Anhao through the gates of Mian Xiu Garden.

See, How, Much, I, Love, You.


Previously, the gifts he gave her were quite cheap, but they had deep meanings.

He personally engraved those words onto the first gift.

Later on, about over four years ago, when they had already stopped keeping in contact and he had become rich, he then officially founded this brand.

It only sold some cheap gifts, and the rent in Beijing was expensive. At first, it didn't make any profit. In fact, it made a loss. Back then, his assistant even said that he wasn't business minded and recommended that he close all of his branches. He refused to do so for no reason other than because it was the best confession he once gave her.


See, How, Much, I, Love, You.


When Han Ruchu called the hospital, Xu Jiamu had already fallen asleep and Qiao Anhao had already left. It was quite late, but since she knew that her son had wokenn up, she called the housekeeper to driver her to the hospital.

The road from the Xu family to the hospital coincidentally passed the street in front of Mian Xiu Garden's neighborhood.

Han Ruchu always thought that her son didn't pay attention to what was out the window, but the housekeeper driving suddenly slowed the car down...

Han Ruchu furrowed her brows. She raised her head and saw the housekeeper staring straight outside the window. Who knew what the housekeeper was looking at. She asked her, "What's the matter?"

The housekeeper heard Han Ruchu's voice and pointed out out of the car window, saying, "Missus, look, it's Miss Anhao."

Han Ruchu followed where the housekeeper was pointing to see Qiao Anhao, who was carried on someone's back. The person carrying her was Lu Jinnian.
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