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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 359: I love you, I love you (15)

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Chapter 359: I love you, I love you (15)

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She was his deep, forbidden love, and this was the only way he could tell her some things.

Maybe she would never get to see it, or maybe in the future, when they completely lost contact would she finally see the secret hidden inside the porcelain doll.

Presents were never judged based on their monetary value. To Qiao Anhao, even if someone were to give her the most expensive thing in the world, it would pale in comparison to the porcelain doll that was gifted by Lu Jinnian.

She looked at it, finding it more attractive every time she took another glimpse. In the end, she could no longer keep it in any longer and took out her phone and passed it to Lu Jinnian. "Help me take a photo."

When he heard her words, his lashes trembled slightly. He immediately concealed his thoughts, reaching for the phone with no emotion evident on his face.

Qiao Anhao hugged the doll and pouted. With her clear eyes, red lips, and white skin, she looked adorable.

Lu Jinnian stared at the phone screen for a few seconds before snapping the photo.

Qiao Anhao took the phone back and examined the photo. With a satisfied expression, she started to whiten her skin with a beautifying app. She opened the weibo app after and posted the photo with a short caption: "A birthday present as cute as me, wishing myself a happy birthday..." She ended it with a smiley emoticon.

Lu Jinnian sat at the side, taking her actions in. Without much expression, he said, "Lets go back to Mian Xiu Garden."

"Sure," Qiao Anhao replied without hesitation. The phone in her palm vibrated, and she looked down to see that Song Xiangsi had replied to her post. "Xiao Qiao happy Birthday, you're adorable!"

Qiao Anhao had garnered quite a few fans on weibo, and a few well-known stars from the filming crew re-posted her post, so in less than a minute, there were many comments and blessings. It soon became the most popular post in her weibo.

Qiao Anhao's phone notification went off continuously. Due to the large influx of responses, she couldn't look at every one of them, but every time her phone went off, she would look down at the screen.

When the car steered into the road ahead, the traffic lights turned red. Lu Jinnian stepped on the brakes, stopping the car, and took out his phone for a quick look. He typed swiftly and placed the phone back down when the traffic lights turned green.

Just then, Qiao Anhao heard another ring. She started to feel irritated and when she was about to dismiss the notification, she saw that Lu Jinnian had re-posted her photo with a simple "Happy Birthday".

Warmth spread through her, and she turned to see through the rear view mirror that Lu Jinnian was concentrating on the road. She bit down on her lip before replying to his post, "Thank you".

After she did so, she figured it was too obvious and so she replied to Song Xiangsi, Cheng Yang, the director, and everyone else.

When they reached the next red light, Lu Jinnian took up his phone once again. Among a sea of notifications, he saw Qiao Anhao's reply and replied again with "You're welcome".

In that instance, Qiao Anhao had just refreshed her page, and when she saw his response, her lips curled into a smile uncontrollably.
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