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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 328: I am Sorry (8)

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Chapter 328: I am Sorry (8)

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She didn't beg Lu Jinnian for help, but she was sure that he would definitely help her, for he liked Qiao Anhao.

At that time, the situation was too rushed for her to consider it in depth. Who would have thought that the both of them would end up with a child!

Xu Jiamu's feelings aside, Qiao Anhao was still Xu family's daughter-in-law to the public.

If the Xu family's daughter-in-law were to be pregnant, everyone would assume that it belonged to Xu Jiamu, so once the child was born, the Xu family would be forced to accept the child.

Previously, she had strongly objected to Lu Jinnian entering the Xu family, how could she let his child enter now?

Qiao Anhao wasn't aware that she was pregnant, but as a mother, Han Ruchu knew that she would not bare to abort the child even if it wasn't planned. At that time, if she were to force Qiao Anhao to abort the child, that would cause tension between the two of them, and to protect her child, the two of them might end up on bad ties, which would not be beneficial to her at all.

As long as Xu Jiamu was not awake, Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao were still useful.

Hence, that afternoon, after pondering for a while, she decided that the best way was to... not let the baby have a chance to be born.


Lu Jinnian sat in a daze for a long while before standing to wash his face in the washroom. He then sat for another thirty minutes before Qiao Anhao was pushed out into her ward.

Her face was pale as she slept in silence, oblivious to whatever had happened.

Abortion wasn't a major operation, but there were many things to take note of: she couldn't afford to get cold, and needed plenty of rest, sex was also prohibited. The doctor listed everything out once, and Lu Jinnian memorized everything in detail.

In the end, the doctor seemed to have recalled something, asking Lu Jinnian, "Has your wife always had trouble sleeping?"

Lu Jinnian frowned slightly, he hadn't slept with her much, so he wasn't sure of her sleep quality. He turned to ask, "What's wrong?"

"When I checked her blood, I realized there was a large trace of sleeping pills in her blood stream, which is why I was wondering if she has sleeping problems."

Lu Jinnian frowned more, he had never known that she was reliant of sleeping pills. His heart clenched slightly, and he pressed his lips together not saying anything.

"Too many sleeping pills would cause a dependency, you should advice her to stop taking it. It's extremely bad for health and she might have not known that she was pregnant, which is why she didn't stop her intake. The large amount of sleeping pills won't affect her much, but it is different for a baby, causing the miscarriage."

The doctor paused for a while before adding, " The main reason for the miscarriage were the sleeping pills."
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