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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 325: I'm sorry, I'm sorry (5)

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Chapter 325: I'm sorry, I'm sorry (5)

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"Yes." It seemed like there was an urgent situation in the operating room. The nurse handed the files to Lu Jinnian. again With some urgency in her voice,she said, "Mister, could you please quickly sign it? They're waiting to proceed with the operation."

Lu Jinnian still didn't make a sound, though his face looked calm. He hesitated for only a second before taking the file from the nurse. He saw two words, "miscarriage operation", there, on the consent forms. His heart suddenly shrank.

The woman he loved was pregnant with his child. Though it was meant to be a joyous occasion, the moment he found out he was going to become a father, he also knew he'd lost the child.

Lu Jinnian tried his best to compose himself, as he took the pen from the file. His fingers shivered when he took off the lid and lowered the pen to where the nurse had pointed. Yet, he didn't sign it.

He clearly knew what those three words "intrauterine fetal death" meant. There was no saving the child, yet his heart was so unbearably pained, having to sign for an abortion.

"Mister." Seeing as he hadn't moved at all, the nurse in front of Lu Jinnian called him once more.

Lu Jinnian lowered his head and stared at the consent form in his hands. He tightly pursed his lips and lowered his pen.

He didn't know just how many times he had written the two words, 'Lu Jinnian,' in the past. Ever since he became famous, he practically had to write those two words everyday for fans, just as he needed to do on the consent form. But this one, he believed, was the most painful, most excruciating signature of his life.

When the nurse saw Lu Jinnian sign the word "Lu" and pause, as though he had just felt the severity of it all in his heart, she, who perhaps because she was also a woman, spoke up with hints of resentment and blame.

"The two of you sure are something. Looks like you're both not young, you got married and had sex, and yet you've never considered the pregnancy, right? Now, that there's a life on the line, jeez... But the woman is the most pitiful. Let's not talk about the damage done to a body after a miscarriage... As a mother, if she knew that her own child had silently passed away, she'd probably be heartbroken to death!"

Lu Jinnian's face had become pale under the nurse's criticism. He opened his mouth, but there were no words and no back talk. In the end, he suppressed the pain in his heart, signed rest of his name, and handed the consent form to the nurse.

When she saw Lu Jinnian's signature, the nurse took the surgical consent form and rushed back.

The doors of the operating room closed shut once again, and silence returned to the corridor.

Seeing as Lu Jinnian stood on the spot motionless for a very long time, the assistant said in a low voice, "Mr. Lu, don't be too sad."

The assistant's simple words of condolence, instantly made the bottom of Lu Jinnian's eyes to heat up. He instinctively reached into his pocket. He originally wanted to smoke, but he saw the "No Smoking" sign in the corridors and gave up in the end. Then he looked over at his assistant and said, "Leave first. I'll be fine here on my own."

The assistant said, "Mr. Lu, if there's anything you need, call me."

Lu Jinnian nodded silently.

The assistant stood there on the spot for half a minute before he reached over and patted Lu Jinnian's shoulders, then he walked away.
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