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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 318: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (18)

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Chapter 318: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (18)

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"Yes, Missus," the housekeeper answered with respect and left the room.

It was incredibly silent, as Han Ruchu was the only one left in the mansion. Bright rays of light came through the window, lightening the whole house. All was calm.


Qiao Anhao didn't call ahead when she went to visit the Qiao manor, but luckily for her, Qiao Qinghai and Shen Yi were in.

Seeing Qiao Anhao back, they were unusually delighted. Since her parents had passed away when she was ten years old, they had taken her in. Over ten years had passed since that time. Their love for one another long surpassed just aunt and niece, uncle and niece. Qiao Anhao was just like their own daughter.

The Qiao family servants were also happy to see Qiao Anhao. They brought over a lot of delicious snacks to the table, whilst calling her "Little Miss".

At first, Qiao Qinghai and Shen Yi did want for Qiao Anxia to marry Xu Jiamu, as biological parents understandably favor their own biological daughter. However, as the Xu family had their eyes set on Qiao Anhao, they didn't have much of an opinion.

After Qiao Anhao "married" Xu Jiamu, she moved out of the Qiao family manor. Also, because of filming, she rarely had time to come back, and so they bombarded her with all sorts of questions, afraid that life on her own was difficult.

Han Ruchu were also worried for Qiao Anhao like this, but Qiao Anhao wasn't moved by her concerns. Her responses were courteous and respectful, but now, having faced her aunt and uncle's concern for her, she was very moved and filled with warmth.

Although she lost her family at the age of ten, the heavens hadn't treated her so bad, giving her another family.

Qiao Anhao wanted to stay at Qiao manor for a while before heading back to the set, but her uncle and aunt were too nice. Under such great hospitality, how could she suggest she leave now? In the end, she stayed there all afternoon, knitting with Shen Yi and playing chess with Qiao Qinghai. It wasn't until the evening that she said she had to leave.

At three in the afternoon, Han Ruchu called to specifically ask Shen Yi to let her know when Qiao Anhao was about to leave. So when Qiao Anhao said she was going to go, Shen Yi gave Han Ruchu a call back.

Five minutes later, the Xu family's chauffeur appeared at the Qiao family's door. Han Ruchu pushed open the passenger car door and courteously greeted Qiao Qinghai and Shen Yi, before turning around to say to Qiao Anhao, "I've asked the chauffeur to stay behind for you."

Qiao Anhao said with a smile, "Thank you".

Han Ruchu opened the trunk and pointed at the two boxes of swallow's nest. "They're ready made to eat. This afternoon, I especially asked Aunt Yun to prepare and choose top quality swallow's nest for you. You must have endured quite a lot on set. You've gotten so skinny, and your appetite hasn't been good these days, so you mustn't let yourself suffer. Take these with you to revitalize yourself."

Seeing how Han Ruchu was towards Qiao Anhao, Qiao Qinghai and Shen Yi were incredibly pleased.

Qiao Anhao thanked her again. She politely chatted for a while, and then got in the car.


Han Ruchu didn't actually get in the car but stayed at Qiao mansion.

When the Qiao family chauffeur left the neighborhood, it was already almost seven o'clock. On route to south of the city, it was surprisingly congested today. The route that would usually only take an hour, took whole two hours.

When they reached the hotel of the set, it was already ten in the evening.

That night, filming at a distant location hadn't yet finished, so the lower floor of the hotel was particularly quiet.
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