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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 301: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (1)

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Chapter 301: Xu Jiamu is Responsive (1)

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No matter what her reasons were for jumping into bed with him, from the bottom of his heart, he was certain that it wasn't because she loved him.

Perhaps she had drank too much that night and took him for Xu Jiamu's substitute, or perhaps it just was all the liquor... Nevertheless, it had already happened. There was no use in crying over spilled milk. The next day, when he woke up, he casually found an excuse to beat around the bush.

In fact, he clearly knew that their deal wasn't her idea, but he still stubbornly deceived himself to believe it was true, that he never made such a deal with her. Then he could make himself feel good. He never betrayed his own brother, Xu Jiamu. It was Qiao Anhao, that woman seduced him.

His intentions really weren't innocent. He was the worst, but there was no helping it. All he could do was use that to his advantage, and vent his anger at her again and again.

In the end, their relationship started to get better. He carefully cherished that. In the end, he thought that if he and Qiao Anhao let nature take it's course, they would fall in love with each other.

But Qiao Anxia's recording pen landed in his hands, and the way she looked at him when he wore Xu Jiamu's face...

So it turned out, it was another one of his ludicrous dreams.

He was always like that. He clearly knew he was being foolish, but he couldn't help himself.


At this point, Lu Jinnian felt sharp waves of pain deep inside the left part of his chest. He couldn't help but raise his hand and gently press against it. He then put out the light in the cigarette he was holding. He stood in front of the window for a while, before he strode over to his desk. He pulled out the first drawer and took out two ripped up pieces of paper. He put the two together to form a golden greetings card. On it were washed out words, but you could still make them out - "I am happy only with you".


Madam Chen wasn't in. The whole mansion was pitch-black. Even the lights outside weren't turned on.

Qiao Anhao turned on the lights and glanced at the empty living room. She dragged her heavy body to the second floor, pushed open the bedroom door, and glanced over at the wall. There were multi-colored balloons stacked to form the words 'Happy Birthday'. In that instant, she froze at the door.

Up until now, she still clearly remembered how she felt whilst she spent all afternoon decorating the room. Her mind could only ceaselessly imagine what kind of expression Lu Jinnian would have when he saw it.

Even though she was the one giving him a surprise, at the time, she felt excited and happy that she would get a surprise as well.

Qiao Anhao stood blankly at the door for a long time, before she entered the bedroom. She looked all around, at the balloons stuck on the four walls. In the end, her eyes stopped at the balcony where she had arranged the candles into words. Then, as though her whole body had lost it's energy, she slowly crouched down. She hugged her knees and put her head in-between them.

Even if she was stupid, she knew that he was clearly venting his anger out on her.

Yet, no matter how hard she thought about it, she didn't understand just how she had triggered him to make him this angry.

The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the more she felt wronged. In the end, her shoulders started to tremble slightly, and sobs gently broke out .
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