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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 298: Look Clearly at Who I Am (8)

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Chapter 298: Look Clearly at Who I Am (8)

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He didn't make a sound.

Nor was Han Ruchu interested in hearing what he had to say. With her eyes fixed on the big screen in front, she continued to speak warmly and calmly, but every word, it was as cutting as a knife.

"I implore you to give up because there's something that you probably don't know. It's that the Xu family and Qiao family had formed an engagement long ago.

"So to speak, you probably don't quite understand, so let me put it simply. Jiamu and Qiao Qiao have an engagement, which is to say that Qiao Qiao is Jiamu's fiance, and will marry him in the future. Moreover, I think there's something you probably don't know, Qiao Qiao and Jiamu are mutually in love.

"What's more... you're an illegitimate son who wants everything but has nothing! What right do you have to love Qiao Qiao

"Don't forget. Qiao Qiao is the daughter of the Qiao family. Even if her parents have passed away and she's just an orphan now, it doesn't change the fact that she is the daughter from a wealthy family. Never in your life will you be able to touch the inheritance and shares in the Qiao family business that she owns!

"But it's different for our Jiamu. He is the Xu family's future heir. Qiao Qiao and him are a perfect couple and a match made in heaven."

As Han Ruchu said this, Lu Jinnian saw Qiao Anhao and Jiamu singing a duet to an old song, "Hiroshima, my love", on the large screen in front. The big screen had no audio, so he couldn't hear them sing, but he could see that the two of them were standing side by side. Just like Han Ruchu said, there was a feeling of a perfect couple and a match made in heaven.

"I called you here tonight, and said so much, to tell you... don't go pining over Qiao Qiao!

"I believe your mother must of told you before; one must know how to show gratitude. Don't you forget that the only reason why you have survived until now is because of my son. Jiamu donated his bone marrow to save your life. If it weren't for my son, you would of died early on!

"Unless, you would return the favor by stealing his lover?"

Han Ruchu said everything she wanted to say in one breath. There seemed to be nothing more she wanted to say to him, for she turned around and left the monitoring room. When she reached the door, it looked like she suddenly thought of something. Her footsteps stopped, and she slowly turned around. She stared into his eyes with utmost hate and contempt.

"You know in your heart just how Jiamu has treated you all these years. I hope you don't become the third person, just like your mother was!"

The moment Han Ruchu finished speaking, she turned around, and leaving only the clear sound of high heels trotting farther and farther away.

Lu Jinnian completely forgot how he left the clubhouse that night. All he could remember was that when he snapped back to reality, he was already standing in the heavy rain like an idiot. His hand was clutching onto the fresh flowers without petals that someone had thrown away, and the card that was ripped in two. Then he saw Qiao Anhao, Xu Jiamu, and the others leave the clubhouse. Qiao Anhao seemed to be drunk, Xu Jiamu carried her on his back.

He stood very far away in the rain, as he stared at their backs. After thinking over and over again, he thought about why Qiao Anhao studied to get into the first class from the third class, and why she wanted to go study in Hangzhou but stayed in Beijing. So it was all for Xu Jiamu.

That night, he walked mindlessly around in the rain for a very long time. The next day, he had a fever and locked himself in a hotel room. He spent seven days and seven nights in bewilderment before completely waking up.
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