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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 268: My Birthday Present To You (8)

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Chapter 268: My Birthday Present To You (8)

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After searching for a place to hide the metal box, she couldn't help taking a look at the contents. The box was flooded with plane and railway tickets. She fiddled around and pulled out the sky blue envelope.

She opened the envelope and took the letter inside. Line by line, her cursive handwriting filled the page.

Lu Jinnian,

The existence of everyone in this world is to await the appearance of their other half, I think i have met mine, and it is you.

I don't have big ambitions, I just wish to be with you.

I'm not that good with words either, but I want to say that for the next fifty years, I wish I could still love you like I do right now.

For the rest of my life, there won't be anyone else I would love as much as I love you.

You have no idea how hard I have been trying to approach you ever since the first day we met.

I have many dreams, but all of them are of you. I have many wishes, but all of them are to be with you. I hope for a lot, but all of it is for you to love me.

To this world, you may just be a mere human, but to me, you are the entire world.

For the rest of my life, I will only love you.

Qiao Anhao.

At the back of the letter, she had used a light pink pen to write a line from Jay Chou's song, "

"Rainy days aren't the most beautiful,

It's the house we hid to shelter from the rain that is..."

At that time, even though she was about to graduate from college, she was still a naive romantic youth. The neat rows of words seemed to reflect her insecurity and embarrassment.

Back then, she had read out the whole letter to Xu Jiamu to ask for his opinion. After listening to her, he had scolded her, but afterwards, he had helped her correct one word. The last line was changed from " For the rest of my life, I will love you the most" to " For the rest of my life, I will only love you."

Who knew that the word that he changed had become a prophecy over time. After all these years, Lu Jinnian was still the only one in her heart.

Qiao Anhao sighed, returning the letter back to the envelope, sealing it in the tin box. After circling the entire house, she stuffed the box under the bed.

It was just a few consecutive days that Lu Jinnian stayed in the house, but Qiao Anhao seemed to have gotten used to his presence. After dinner, she would sit in the living room, watching television as she counted down the time until he would came back.

If he was late, she would catch up on a live broadcast drama. The drama would end at 9.45 pm, by then, Lu Jinnian would already be back. But today, after the drama ended, he was still not back. She watched another twenty minutes worth of advertisement, but there were still no signs of Lu Jinnian's car.

Qiao Anhao sat on the sofa in boredom, adjusting her posture several times. She took the remote control and started switching channels, trying to find something interesting to watch. When it was about 11 pm, Madam Chen, who had been sleeping, came out to get some water. When she saw Qiao Anhao still sitting on the sofa, she got a shock. "Mrs. Lu, why aren't you asleep?"

Qiao Anhao continued staring at the television. She replied indifferently, "I'm not sleepy." After a moment, she added, "Hurry and go to sleep after drinking your water."
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