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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 253: Do You Know Who He Likes? (13)

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Chapter 253: Do You Know Who He Likes? (13)

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Qiao Anhao seemed to have remembered something, her fingers paused before she slightly nodded. She hurriedly finished applying her eye cream and turned to look at Lu Jinnian.

Pressing her lips together, she said, "Mrs. Xu called just now, she mentioned that its Jiamu's birthday next Friday. They would be holding a celebratory party ...."

Qiao Anhao paused, not able to finish her sentence... She had wanted him to act as Xu Jiamu, for him to act as a couple with her, but she just couldn't continue, and so she stopped.

Even though she didn't finish her sentence, Lu Jinnian knew instantly the moment he heard that it was Xu Jiamu's birthday. Nonchalantly, he nodded towards Qiao Anhao before hesitantly replying with a "oh".

In that instance, the warm rays from the ceiling light fell on Lu Jinnian, blurring his handsome features.

Qiao Anhao stared for a while, making sure that he wasn't unhappy; her tensed up muscles finally relaxed. Turning back to face the mirror, she started detangling her hair. Half a minute later, she suddenly said, "Zhao Meng told me about yesterday, thank you."

Lin Jinnian continued to watch the television, his face calm. He only murmured a slight "mhm".

"And regarding Lin Shiyi and producer Sun, thank you."

Lu Jinnian seemed surprised that Qiao Anhao had found out about that, his hands trembling slightly before he turned the remote control, nodding slightly.

After she had finishing combing out her hair, she hesitated slightly before adding, "Actually, there isn't a need for Producer Sun to remove his investment, I'll just avoid him in the future. If 'Alluring Times' doesn't do well, your money would be wasted."

Lu Jinnian's stopped playing with the remote control, but his eyes were still fixed on the television. He stared ahead for a while before turning to look at her. "I've already settled that issue."

"Oh," Qiao Anhao replied softly and stoop up to take one last look at Lu Jinnian. Turning, she climbed into the bed.

Lu Jinnian seemed to have heard her. He turned to look at the bed. Qiao Anhao was already lying there, but this time she didn't have her favourite large teddy bear with her. He paused slightly, seemingly surprised, before turning back to switch off the lights and lower down the volume.

The world seemed to have quietened instantly. Qiao Anhao shut her eyes under the blankets, her mind starting to run wild. After a long while, she felt Lu Jinnian's side of the bed sink when he laid down beside her. Just like before, the two of them lay on the edges of the bed, far away from each other. Now that the bear wasn't between them, the bed seemed too big and empty.

As the night deepened, Qiao Anhao could clearly hear the tempo of Lu Jinnian's breathing. His familiar scent reached her, flooding her senses.

She remained motionless, anticipating his next actions.
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