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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 247: Do You Know Who He Likes? (7)

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Chapter 247: Do You Know Who He Likes? (7)

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It was clear that someone was meddling in the shadows. Their goal was simple - to eradicate Lin Shiyi.

Yet, following straight after the day Qiao Anhao was in danger, this all happened to Lin Shiyi. The person who meddled most probably was...

Qiao Anhao hadn't yet thought of the name when Zhao Meng, who was sat opposite her, suddenly said, "Qiao Qiao, people from the WeChat group are saying that Producer Sun will pull his investment from 'Alluring Times'!"

For a second, Qiao Anhao blanked out. Then hurriedly closed Weibo and opened up WeChat. She saw a lot of people in the group popping up with messages non-stop, discussing Producer Sun pulling his investment.

"Producer Sun invested a billion into this movie, 'Alluring Times'. How could he pull his it back out of nowhere?"

"Right? What the hell happened? Yesterday, Producer Sun treated us all, but today, he's parting ways with us?"

"Not only that, but early this morning, Producer Sun left our WeChat group."

"Don't even mention it. I just sent him a WeChat message and he never even replied. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer either..."


In just a few short minutes, hundreds of messages appeared in a flash on the WeChat group chat. Qiao Anhao felt a little dizzy looking at the messages, so she couldn't help but put her phone down. Zhao Meng, who sat opposite her, looked at the chat, saying, "Even though that guy, Producer Sun, is a little perverted, he was rich. He came from a family that owns coal mines and had invested in a few films and television shows in these past few years. He's worth several billions. 'Alluring Times' is a big production with a total investment of two billion. A billion was from Producer Sun, and the other billion was from Mr. Lu..."

Speaking of which, it looked like Zhao Meng had thought of something. She lifted her head, looked at Qiao Anhao, and asked, "Qiao Qiao, but it's a real coincidence. You were in trouble yesterday, and today, Lin Shiyi fell to such a tragic end and Producer Sun pulled back his investment. You say, do you think this had something to do with you? Do you think Mr. Lu did this?"

Qiao Anhao just thought it might be Lu Jinnian, but now hearing Zhao Meng's words, her heart shuddered for a moment.

"For Mr. Lu to mess with Lin Shiyi, I can understand that. Lin Shiyi deserved it. However, Mr. Lu had no reason to let Producer Sun pull his investment? Do you think that if we don't have a new investment to cover Producer Sun's investment then 'Alluring Times' would probably stop filming? If that's so, Mr. Lu's would have lost his billion in the process. That'd be so wrong!"

Qiao Anhao was a little confused by Zhao Meng's words. She was fairly certain it was Lu Jinnian, but also fairly uncertain... A slither of anxiety appeared in her heart again. She was really afraid that if finances for "Alluring Times" couldn't be resolved, then Lu Jinnian's billion would be lost.


Because Producer Sun had pulled his investment in "Alluring Times", the production crew temporarily stopped working for three days.

Zhao Meng came over, first, to hand Qiao Anhao her bag, and second, to see her. She stayed till three in the afternoon before she left.

A few minutes after Zhao Meng had left, the news about Producer Sun pulling his investment made it out. Weibo was popping off as usual with news about Lin Shiyi, as well as the movie "Alluring Times".

Bored, Qiao Anhao swiped through Weibo all afternoon. Her mind was filled with wild thoughts up until dinner time, then she forced her thoughts to calm down.

After dinner, Qiao Anhao went back up to the second floor bedroom. She hadn't even sat down for a few minutes when her phone rang.
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