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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 234: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (4)

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Chapter 234: She's The Only One You Can't Touch! (4)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anxia's heels smashed straight into Lin Shiyi's head. Lin Shiyi's face paled in an instant as the pain spread. Unconsciously, she retreated back into her room, her hands grabbing onto her head. "I don't know!" she shouted.

"You don't know?" Qiao Anxia had always been hot-tempered, and now that Lin Shiyi was not willing to cooperate, she stomped forward grabbing onto her hair. She pulled on it before slamming her hand onto her face, slapping her several times. "I'll help you remember!"

Lu Jinnian stood at the door without any intention of helping Lin Shiyi.

"Lin Shiyi, where did you hide my sister?" Qiao Anxia grabbed another handful of her hair as she shouted. She pulled Lin Shiyi's hair upwards, forcing her to look up. Qiao Anxia had used all her strength to inflict pain, leaving Lin Shiyi's pretty face red and swollen. Qiao Anxia looked into her eyes, and with a sharp authoritative tone, she asked again, "WHERE IS MY SISTER?"

Lin Shiyi pressed her lips, not willing to say a word.

Qiao Anxia felt as though her organs were about to explode in anger. She looked around the room, her gaze falling on a fruit knife in a corner. Without a second thought, she reached for it and and pressed it to Lin Shiyi's face. "I'll give you three seconds, if you don't confess, I'm going to slash your face!"

Lin Shiyi looked at the knife frantically, her heart beating rapidly. She desperately tried to stare back at Qiao Anxia, retorting, "It's against the law!"

"Law?" Qiao Anxia laughed as though it was a joke before her face turned cold. Using the knife, she roughly tapped Lin Shiyi's face. " Isn't kidnapping against the law? Since you started it, let's see whose the final victor!"

Qiao Anxia shouted in a cold voice, "Three!"

Lin Shiyi trembled.



Qiao Anxia slashed her face without hesitation.

Just a small cut and blood started dripping down her face.

Lin Shiyi cried in fear, her trembling voice shouting, "STOP, I'LL TELL YOU!"

Qiao Anxia stopped instantly.

Lin Shiyi's lips shivered as she continued, ,"Qiao Anhao is in Producer Sun's room..."

The moment Lu Jinnian heard it, hostility filled his eyes. He turned and sprinted all the way up.


Qiao Anxia slapped her face once more before grabbing onto her chin, staring into her eyes. "Lin Shiyi, let me warn you, if you dare to do anything to my sister again, I'll make sure to pay you back ten times worse! You better pray that she's alright..." Qiao Anxia paused momentarily. Her voice trembled when she spoke next. "Lin Shiyi, I'll make your life a living hell."
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