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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 229: Suspected Love (17)

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Chapter 229: Suspected Love (17)

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Once Qiao Anhao entered the washroom, Lin Shiyi followed closely with her manager and assistant. When Qiao Anhao realized that she was falling, Lin Shiyi looked at her manager and assistant, signaling for them to move. The two of them went forward, holding her up, covering her face with her hair, pretending to support her. While everyone else was still in the hot spring and weren't paying attention, they quickly carried her out into Lin Shiyi's van, driving back to the crew's hotel.

Dragging Qiao Anhao, Lin Shiyi took the elevator all the way to the top floor. She used producer Sun's access card to open his room door, throwing Qiao Anhao on the bed before shutting the door behind heself.

Once she returned to her room, Lin Shiyi took out her phone to send Producer Sun a text, [Mr Sun, I sent you a surprise and it's waiting for you in your room right now. Enjoy!]

Producer Sun felt fatigued from the hot spring. He walked out and began to dry his dripping wet hair before walking to the locker. The moment he opened his phone, he saw the text Lin Shiyi had sent ten minutes ago.

He stared at the phone for a long while before hurriedly changing his clothes and footing the bill. He instructed his assistant to leave before driving back to the hotel himself.


Zhao Meng was in deep conversation with the others and only after she came out of the hot spring did she realize that Qiao Anhao was not around. She had gone to the bathroom a long while ago but had not returned. Zhao Meng walked towards it, but even after circling the whole bathroom, she still couldn't find Qiao Anhao. She then continued to walk around looking for her friend, but she was still not in sight.

Zhao Meng returned to the locker area and found that Qiao Anhao's clothes and belongings were still inside.

Her things were here so she must still be here! Zhao Meng returned back to the hot spring in search of Qiao Anhao.

It had been quite some time and most people were already on the way out.

Zhao Meng greeted the familiar crew that walked past as she walked around searching for Qiao Anhao. As she still couldn't find her friend, she started to get increasingly more worried.

Worried and panicky, Zhao Meng had a bad premonition. When she wanted to return to the hot spring one more time, Song Xiangsi stopped her. "Zhao Meng, everyone has left, why would you go back in when you just came from there?"

Zhao Meng stopped, shouting back, "Sis Xiangsi, I can't find Qiao Qiao."

"Wasn't Miss Qiao talking with the others awhile ago? Besides, how can you lose someone that's of age?" Song Xiangsi paused for a while guessing, "She could have had an emergency and didn't have time to inform you?"

"But her clothes and belongings are still in the locker!" Zhao Meng paused momentarily before continuing, "If she had changed, I wouldn't be so worried, but she's definitely not someone who would walk around in her swimming suit."
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