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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 220: Suspected Love (8)

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Chapter 220: Suspected Love (8)

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"What, a car accident?"

Lu Jinnian, who sat on the sofa with a cold expression, heard these words, which caused his brows to unintentionally crease.

In the afternoon, Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia were together...

Lu Jinnian's usually icy eyes glanced over with a hint of anxiousness. His laid-back and relaxed body slightly stiffened, and his focus heightened. He heard Cheng Yang's gentle voice ask gently, "Are you hurt? It was a serious crash..."

Coincidentally, Cheng Yang opened the door to the director's room at that time and stepped out, conveniently closing the door behind him and cutting off any sound behind him. Lu Jinnian's brows tightened even more intensely, his thoughts growing even more confused.

The director didn't stop the discussion on account of Cheng Yang having left the room. The usual eloquently-spoken Lu Jinnian sat very quietly on the sofa. His eyes didn't turn away from the view outside the window. It looked like his full attention was focused on listening to the director's words, yet it also looked like he was lost in thought.

The director seemed like he said he was tired. Finally coming to a end, he turned to ask Lu Jinnian, "Mr. Lu, what do you think about these amendments to the script?"

Lu Jinnian didn't make a single reaction. Both his eyes were still glued to the view out of the window.

The director picked up his teacup from the table and took a sip. He looked at Lu Jinnian, who didn't say a word, and said again, "Mr. Lu?"

Song Xiangsi creased her brows and turned her head. She saw Lu Jinnian unexpectedly in a daze, and so she extended her arm to touch his arm. She said in a low voice, "What are you thinking about? The director asked for your thoughts."

Lu Jinnian gave a "mm". Coming back to his senses, he blinked, pulling his eyes back from outside the window. Just now, he only cared whether Qiao Anhao was in Qiao Anxia's car at the time of the accident and if she was hurt. He simply didn't hear the director's words. To ask him for his thoughts, now... How would he know?

Lu Jinnian's eyes flatly swept past the people sitting in the room. He gave a composed nod, thought about it for a moment, and said, "It's great". He then fished around his pocket for his phone, wanting to give Qiao Anhao a call. In the end, Cheng Yang, who took the call, coincidentally pushed the door open to come back into the room at that exact moment.

"I'm terribly sorry, Anxia was just in a bit of a car accident and didn't bring her driving license. The traffic police are waiting to inspect it. I have to go bring it to her," said Cheng Yang apologetically.

"A car accident. Was it serious?" Song Xiangsi asked, concerned.

"There shouldn't be any big problems."

Cheng Yang's reply made Lu Jinnian forcefully purse his lips. The hand clutching his phone instinctively tightened. There shouldn't be any big problems... What did he mean by "shouldn't"?

Lu Jinnian turned his head and glanced at Cheng Yang, who had grabbed for his jacket. He got up with a calm expression and picked up his own jacket. "Well, actually I have business in the city too and I need a lift. My assistant has the car. As you're on the way, take me with you."

Cheng Yang and Lu Jinnian came out from the hotel. When Cheng Yang pulled out his car keys and was ready to sit down, Lu Jinnian said, "Give me the keys, I'll drive."

Cheng Yang zoned out for a bit, yet he didn't react. He handed Lu Jinnian his car keys.

As Lu Jinnian started the car up, he asked, "Where's the car accident?"

"At Fourth Ring Road..."

Cheng Yang hadn't finished speaking when Lu Jinnian stepped on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel at top speeds, and drove off.
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