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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 216: Suspected Love (4)

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Chapter 216: Suspected Love (4)

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The round of cheers were immediately heard when the crew heard Lu Jinnian was treating.

The assistant generously handed out everyone a box to have supper. Naturally, it made people a little excited, and so some of them took photos and posted it on their Moments on Wechat. That night, the supper aroused actors that weren't on set even to come over and join in on the fun. Luckily, the assistant had bought more than than was needed, so everyone had a share.

As soon as staff members heard that there'd be supper, they pulled up a long wooden board at the last minute. They put together a large, long table for everyone to sit around and eat.

Tonight, Qiao Anhao had a scene to shoot. Just as she came out from removing her make-up, the long table was already surrounded, full of people. She was just about to find a seat when Song Xiangsi raised her hand and called her name. Seeing that Song Xiangsi and Lu Jinnian coincidentally had two vacant seats between them, Qiao Anhao dragged Zhao Meng over with her.

Zhao Meng sat down next to Song Xiangsi first, and so Qiao Anhao could only sit closer to Lu Jinnian. Thankfully, they had gotten along well these last few days, and so she wasn't as nervous and uncomfortable as she had been before. On the contrary, when Lu Jinnian's assistant handed her a box of crayfish, she turned her head and smiled with her eyes at Lu Jinnian, saying, "Thank you Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian didn't say a word. His face didn't show any emotions, but he pulled out a pair of disposable gloves and handed them to Qiao Anhao.


In the afternoon, Cheng Yang took Qiao Anxia to the apartment in the city to get a few clothes. But he ended up getting dragged to the bed and kissed by her, which almost got out of control.

When they both got up from rolling around in the bed, it was already evening. Cheng Yang called for take out. The two of them ate together and continued to roll around for a while before he drove back to the set.

Cheng Yang stopped the car at the car park downstairs. Just as he got his phone and turned off the navigation, he saw a lot of notifications pop up on his WeChat group. He tapped it open to see that everyone was on set having supper. He turned his head and asked Qiao Anxia, "Someone's treating people to supper over there. Would you like to go see?"

Qiao Anxia took a glance. It was still early. She'd be bored if she went back to the hotel, so she nodded and said, "Sure."


The director saw Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia coming over first. With a crayfish in his hands, he screamed loudly, "Cheng Yang, come here."

Everybody shuffled over to one side to make two spaces for Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia.

Lu Jinnian's assistant hurried brought over with two boxes of crayfish from the trunk in the car. He places them in front of the two newcomers.

As the food was spicy, the director constantly gasped for the cold air, saying, "You came just in time. If you came any later, you wouldn't have been able to eat Mr. Lu's crayfish!"

"So it was Mr. Lu who treated everyone to supper. No wonder the entire crew is all here."

When Cheng Yang said that, he helped Qiao Anxia open her take out box like a gentleman. He also considerately asked in a low voice, "Do you want me to help you peel?"

Qiao Anxia smiled gently at Cheng Yang, who took the gloves and pulled a crayfish from the take out box. He casually started to peel.

In the afternoon at Huan Ying Entertainment, when she told Cheng Yang that crayfish was Qiao Qiao's favorite, she hadn't noticed Lu Jinnian beside them. Yet in the evening, Lu Jinnian treated the entire crew to crayfish.
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