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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 172: Mr. Lu Angered(4)

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Chapter 172: Mr. Lu Angered(4)

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Lin Shiyi tip-toed closer, pulled onto the higher part of the rope, and slightly lifted the flowers wrapped around it upwards. She brought up the small rock and started to wear the rope down with it.

Lin Shiyi only stopped when all that was left was a thin piece. She then covered the thinned out rope with flowers. She circled it left and right, making sure there were no flaws to be found, and hurriedly walked away.

After a while, Lin Shiyi realized that she was still holding the small rock, so she threw it in the lake nearby.


When it was time for Qiao Anhao's scene, it was already dusk. Coincidentally, the sun set in the west, covering the mountain in red.

This scene only needed Qiao Anhao. The overview of the scene was that after learning that the second male lead could not possibly fall in love with her, she went to the swing that he built for her and sat on it whilst reminiscing about their past.

This scene had no lines, only requiring facial expressions and emotions in the eyes to convey the pain of not being able to have the one your heart yearns for. For Qiao Anhao, it wasn't too difficult. The director examined the setting through the monitor to make sure there weren't any problems, then gestured for Qiao Anhao to start.

Qiao Anhao walked over to the swing with an infatuated expression. She reached over to gently stroke the swing before sitting down.

The director had advised her to focus on the scenario before the start of filming, so Qiao Anhao quietly sat down on the swing, somewhat dazed. She stayed silent on the swing, then after a while, she planted her legs on the ground and lightly rocked.

"Great! Beautiful! That's it!"

In the next part of the scene, Qiao Anhao had to swing with her eyes shut as she smiled against the wind.

Qiao Anhao was alone on the swing, so it was going to be difficult to swing high, and so the director specifically asked for staff to push Qiao Anhao from behind.

The first time they pushed her, they didn't put enough power into it, so the swing wasn't high enough. They tried again. On the second try, the swing did swing high enough, but the staff were in the shot, and so they had to shoot a third time.

Following the director's signal on the third time, Qiao Anhao swung again. When she swung far back, the staff pushed hard and immediately ran away.

Qiao Anhao promptly closed her eyes, putting on the required expression for the scene.

As the swing rose high in the air, the corner of Qiao Anhao's lips revealed a slight smile.

The director watched the monitor, nodding his head in satisfaction and complimenting her. Then, just as the swing reached it's highest point, the rope suddenly snapped. Qiao Anhao lost her balance and couldn't help but let out a shriek. Her body flew forward and fell towards the ground.
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