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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 171: Mr. Lu Angered(3)

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Chapter 171: Mr. Lu Angered(3)

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Oh, that's not right. It wasn't the first time.

It was the fourth time.

The first time was when Qiao Anhao stole her role of the second female actress on "Alluring Times".

The second time was when Li Jinnian had exposed the scandal to destroy her, but it helped her instead.

The third time was when she stole her guest role on the variety show of her dreams.

The fourth was today.

She had actually lost to one person's hand four consecutive times! Moreover, with the amount of NGs she had today, she feared that she'll be the talk of the town at the dinner table in the entertainment industry!

Deep down, the more Lin Shiyi thought about it, the more she felt done in. In the end, she just gritted her teeth and quickly ran away.

She didn't know in which direction she was going, but when she reached the end, she saw a grass lawn and some people busily tending to something.

Though Lin Shiyi didn't know those people, she could tell that they were staff from the filming crew.

She watched for a while, and just when she was ready to turn and leave, those people finished what they were doing.

No matter what, Lin Shiyi was still a first tier celebrity, so those people recognized her, and all of the young girls greeted her, "Sister Shiyi."

Even though Lin Shiyi wasn't in the mood to smile, she still forced a slight smile to her lips. She looked over in the direction where they had been busily working and saw a beautiful swing, covered with fresh flowers and green leaves. Lin Shiyi thought it was pretty, so she casually asked, "Is that for filming later?"

The young girl didn't think that Lin Shiyi would ever talk to her. She excitedly nodded and said, "Yeah. Sister Anhao has to film here later."

Qiao Anhao? Lin Shiyi slightly creased her eyebrows, keeping her smile. "Oh".

"Sister Shiyi, can I get your signature?"

The young girl pulled out a small notebook from her bag and brought it over to Lin Shiyi.

Lin Shiyi took the pen and signed it.

The delighted young girl said goodbye to Lin Shiyi, rushing over to the other staff.

Lin Shiyi stood on the spot without moving. She waited until she saw all the staff leave before walking over to the well-decorated swing. After circling it, she finally stopped. Her eyes stared at the swing's rope.

The setting for Qiao Anhao's next scene... She tried to defeat her twice, but had never succeeded... Yet this time...

Lin Shiyi's eyes grew cold. In the end, she forcibly pursed her lips, contemplated for a moment, and walked a bit to the side. She found a small sharp stone and circled back to the front of the swing.
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