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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 170: Mr. Lu Angered(2)

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Chapter 170: Mr. Lu Angered(2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao wanted to get closer to Lu Jinnian, but she would always get nervous and awkward around him. After the scandal from a few days ago, then the contract signing yesterday... his impatient expression... Deep down, Qiao Anhao had mixed feelings.

Just then, by coincidence, she saw a familiar looking actress standing nearby. She stopped to greet the actress and randomly made conversation. The two of them stood there, chatting away.

After a while, Qiao Anhao realized that her phone wasn't on her body. Then she remembered that her phone was on her chair. She wanted to see if there were any notifications on her phone, but if she went over, she'd bump into Lu Jinnian. In the end, she asked Zhao Meng to fetch it for her.

Zhao Meng greeted Lu Jinnian and Song Xiangsi before going through Qiao Anhao's bag, pulling out her phone, and leaving.

After Zhao Meng handed the phone over to Qiao Anhao, Song Xiangsi turned to look at Lu Jinnian. Lu Jinnian's expression didn't show any big changes. His eyes calmly looked ahead at the set.

She was ready to laugh at Lu Jinnian's pain by saying "She's avoiding you", but then, she saw that Lu Jinnian had consciously lowered his hands to his sides. They were balled up so hard that blue veins protruded.

Song Xiangsi instinctively closed her mouth and swallowed the words she was about to spout. She turned her head again to look at Qiao Anhao, who was happily chatting away not too far away. Then, when she turned to look at Lu Jinnian... she wasn't sure if she was just seeing things, but his usual cold and calm composure looked like it he contained a hint of helplessness and sadness.


The following two scenes were shot particularly smoothly. They were all beautifully shot, which raised the director's spirits after having to deal with the previous over ten consecutive NGs. He was even cheerful to the point where from time to time he would give the actors a few words of praise.

The director's complements taunted Lin Shiyi. She thought about how she looked like a clown just now, not only yelled at by the director but also by Lu Jinnian. She was practically humiliated in front of everyone.

The more Lin Shiyi watched, the worse her expression got. In the end, she made an excuse and left the set on her own.

It wasn't like she had never made an NG, but she had never before caused such humiliating NGs like today. Moreover, her humiliation was all bestowed upon her by Qiao Anhao!

From when she entered the entertainment industry to now, she often relied on stepping on other actors to get to the top. Who could count just how many actors fell by her hand. Many people adopted the way of thinking where they held their grudges and avoided conflict by staying far away.

If carefully looking at the times, today was the first in her life where she'd lost to someone. Furthermore, she'd lost so complete and utterly!
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