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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 169: Mr. Lu Angered(1)

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Chapter 169: Mr. Lu Angered(1)

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With a dark, cold expression, Lu Jinnian didn't make a sound.

The director hastily slated Lin Shiyi, "Lin Shiyi, you better pull yourself together. We're going to have to re-shoot later!" Without even waiting for Lin Shiyi to speak, he ushered everyone in the area, "What are you all doing just standing there? Hurry up and get ready for the next scene!"

The next scene was also shot in the cafe. It was a scene between Chen Yang and the third male actor.

Song Xiangsi and Qiao Anhao also had scenes to shoot later. For now, Qiao Anhao went to the toilet, as the last scene had taken so long, she hadn't had a chance to go all that time. Song Xiangsi, however, sluggishly took the water bottle that the assistant handed her and walked over to where Lu Jinnian was standing.

Lu Jinnian flatly looked over Song Xiangsi, who stood beside him, without any intention of speaking. Then he diverted his eyes to the set.

Song Xiangsi raised her water bottle and followed Lu Jinnian's line of sight. After a while, she looked over at the filming in front of her, then turned towards Lu Jinnian and slightly teased him in a low voice, "Mr. Lu, weren't you on your way out just now? Why did you come back?"

Lu Jinnian's face didn't reveal any emotions as he slightly shifted to the side by a step.

Song Xiangsi followed his sidestep, continuing to close in on him, speaking in a low voice, "Did you specifically stay to take the last stab?"

As though he hadn't heard Song Xiangsi's words, Lu Jinnian didn't react. His eyes continued to stare at the set.

Song Xiangsi shrugged, a little bored. She didn't speak with Lu Jinnian any longer and only looked around her. She saw Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng come out from the restroom and opened her mouth again to say, "She's coming over."

Lu Jinnian obviously knew that the 'she' Song Xiangsi referred to was Qiao Anhao. His expression didn't change, but he looked to his side from the corner of his eye.

Song Xiangsi looked at Lu Jinnian's calm and composed expression as she casually roasted him with a single word, "pretender". Then her eyes swept over the chair by Lu Jinnian. Soon after, she let out a high, enigmatic laugh, as though she had suddenly realized something. She let out a "tut tut tut" as she closed in on Lu Jinnian beside her.

In a low voice only the two of them could hear, she said, "Do you know to whom that chair belongs to?"

Lu Jinnian appeared unmoved.

Song Xiangsi continued to ask, "You came to stand here on purpose, didn't you?"

Lu Jinnian remained composed.

Song Xiangsi let out a "huh" before she neither too fast nor too slowly stated out Lu Jinnian's act, "Did you really think that I wouldn't know that you're standing here only because this is Qiao Anhao's seat?"


Qiao Anhao walked halfway to her place before realizing that Lu Jinnian was standing next to her chair. Without conscious thought, her footsteps slowed down.
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