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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 140: You Like Rainy Days Too? (4)

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Chapter 140: You Like Rainy Days Too? (4)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao placed the food neatly in front of Lu Jinnian before helping him open a pair of disposable chopsticks. Passing them over, she added, "I don't know what you like so you can just have a little of each..."

Lu Jinnian stared straight at her, seemingly studying her.

Just like that, their gazes collided.

Stunned, Qiao Anhao couldn't continue her sentence. With widened eyes and her head slightly lifted, she returned Lu Jinnian's gaze.

He no longer had a complicated and distant look in his eyes, it was replaced by something deeper; his eyes were shinning.

As she stared, her heart rate quickened uncontrollably, her face reddening slightly. Not until she felt her face burn did she come back to her senses, averting her gaze. Nervously, she passed the chopsticks, "Chopsticks."

Qiao Anhao's voice jolted Lu Jinnian back to reality. He blinked a few times before arranging a cold and distant expression back into place. Wordlessly, he took the chopsticks. Lowering his eyes, he started to eat casually.

Lu Jinnian ate gracefully, not making any sound.

The entire room was silent.

Qiao Anhao knelt in front of Lu Jinnian for a long while before managing to collect herself from the eye contact. Lifting her eyes slightly, she peaked at the man in front of her.

After sneaking a glance several times, she realized that Lu Jinnian was focused on the food in front of him. Hence, she mustered more courage and started to sneak longer stares at him.

Lu Jinnian was still wearing the same set of clothes he had on for lunch. He had removed his jacket , undid his tie, and unbuttoned the top two buttons, exposing his exquisite collar bones. He had his cuffs rolled up, revealing a small section of his strong muscled arm, adding a hint of casualness to his elegance.

He focused on his food, his long lashes fluttering slightly from time to time.

The first time she had seen him, she was mesmerized by his looks. After thirteen years, regardless of how many times she had dreamed of him, she would still get mesmerized and awed by him.

To her, he was the only one is this world whose looks could stand the test of time.

Qiao Anhao stared in a daze. After some time, Lu Jinnian seemed to have noticed and suddenly looked up. Qiao Anhao looked back down in shock, her heart beating rapidly once again.
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