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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 117: In and Out of Filming (3)

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Chapter 117: In and Out of Filming (3)

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The sudden knock on the door jolted Qiao Anhao out of her daze.

"Mrs. Lu", Madam Chen called out.

Qiao Anhao hurriedly put the letter back into the box and sealed it shut before putting it back into the luggage. After locking the luggage, she placed it back into the original spot and went to open the door.

Behind them, Madam Chen held onto an exquisite porcelain bowl. "Mrs. Lu, I made some ginger soup. It's been raining the whole day, you should have some to not catch a cold."

After drinking the ginger tea, thin sweat broke out on Qiao Anhao's back, and Madam Chen left with the empty bowl. Qiao Anhao climbed onto the bed, randomly scrolling through Weibo. Most of the friends she followed were also in the entertainment industry and a large portion of her Weibo was filled with birthday wishes to Song Xiangsi. Even Lu Jinnian had sent a simple "Sis, happy birthday" with a birthday cake emoticon at the back.

No more than three hours after the post, there were more than ten thousand comments. Qiao Anhao clicked to expand the section and, as usual, it was flooded with fans calling him "Hubby"

Qiao Anhao also directed a birthday post to Song Xiangsi. Surprisingly, she replied with a "Thank you, little sis" instantly.

In the drama 'Alluring Times', Qiao Anhao acted as the little sister of Song Xiangsi's character, and inside the drama, Song Xiangsi's character would address Qiao Anhao as "little sis". The affectionate tone she had used was just a reference to the drama.

Once Song Xiangsi replied to Qiao Anhao's post, comments from her fans and Lu Jinnian's fans flooded in instantly. Since Lu Jinnian was also acting in 'Alluring Times', his fans stayed up to date with any news regarding the drama. Once they saw Song Xiangsi addressing Qiao Anhao as "Little sis", they knew that she was partnered with Lu Jinnian, hence many of his fans left comments on the post.

"So you are my husband's new mistress!"

"Pretty indeed!"

"Don't you dare seduce my husband!"

"Oh my, why are my love rivals all so pretty! I feel under pressure!"


Qiao Anhao scrolled through all the replies and after reading through a countless number, she started getting sleepy, finally dozing off with her phone.

When Lu Jinnian entered Mian Xiu Garden, he could see through his car window that all the lights in the mansion were switched off except for a faint glow coming from the room on the second floor.

Lu Jinnian didn't drive into the garage but instead stopped in front of the door. He left the car and entered the house.

Madam Chen didn't come out, probably asleep.

He changed his shoes and using the dim light from the living room went upstairs.
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