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Bringing the Nation is Husband Home Chapter 116: In and Out of Filming (2)

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Chapter 116: In and Out of Filming (2)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
When his phone rang, Lu Jinnian's car was about to enter the highway. Due to the rain, the streets had few cars that were going at high speeds. Lu Jinnian had no intention of slowing down when he heard his phone ring. He turned his head to the side to get glimpse of his phone—it was a call from Mian Xiu Garden.

He hesitated before exiting the highway. He stopped his car at the side and picked up his phone.

There was a three day break from filming, so he knew that she would definitely go back home and had instructed Madam Chen to prepare dinner ahead of time. He had also instructed Madam Chen to inform him when Qiao Anhao came back.

Madam Chen didn't know that Lu Jinnian had sent Qiao Anhao home so the moment he picked up, she informed him politely, "Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu is back, but she has already eaten outside so she went upstairs to rest."

Lu Jinnian acknowledged her with a light "mm", but just when he was about to hang up, he suddenly remembered that Qiao Anhao's hair and clothes were slightly damp from standing by the road side while waiting for a taxi. He didn't hang up, but instead in a low voice instructed Madam Chen, "Boil some ginger tea for Mrs. Lu so she won't catch a cold."

"But Mrs. Lu said she wanted to rest..."

"Ginger tea can be made in a few minutes. If she is asleep, just wake her up and make her drink it before she sleeps." Without waiting for Madam Chen to reply, he continued, "Remember to adjust the room temperature later, I don't want Mrs. Lu to catch a cold."

"I understand, Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian thought for a bit more and after confirming that there was nothing else, he added a last line, "Don't let Mrs. Lu know it was instructed by me."

He then hung up.

After hanging up, Lu Jinnian suddenly realized that he hadn't asked the question that was bothering him the most.

How was Mrs. Lu feeling when she reached home? Was she still crying?

He took up his phone, but when he was about to call back, he hesitated and put his phone back into his pocket. He sat in the driver seat, his hand casually stroking the steering wheel as images of Qiao Anhao's tear streaked face filled his mind. He had known her for about ten years and in those ten years, she had always been either all smiles or silent with her head lowered. Sometimes, when something upset her, she would clench her lips tightly. But it was the first time she had cried.

As he continued thinking, he could feel pain on the palm that her tear had reached. The pain made a beeline for his heart, hurting him to confusion. He started his car and turned back, heading back to Mian Xiu Garden.
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