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Hoshi wasn't actually all that against wearing female clothing.

He had already previous shocked Seiji by wearing female clothing and pretending to confess to him. Hoshi had also dressed as a girl for his class's gender bender coffee café, not to mention he volunteered himself to be the trap model for the dating sim Seiji was working on…

He had only resisted wearing the maid attire because he felt embarrassed. Although he wasn't all that against wearing female clothing, he still wasn't the type who would wear it at every chance he got. He was still male, after all.

In the end, it was mainly because Hisashi was the one who requested it.

Hoshi's reaction would have surely been different if Seiji had requested it.

At any rate, the beautiful boy finally put on the maid outfit and showed himself in front of everyone and their expectations.

He felt embarrassed and was blushing red. This miniskirted maid outfit fitted him perfectly. He wore a white veil and black lace stockings, showing off a mesmerizing territory of skin between the smooth stockings and free-flowing skirt. Hoshi appeared cute and pure, and gave off an indescribable allure!

Everyone could be heard inhaling cold breaths, and then...

*Click click click…*

Yukari and Hisashi, the two ero appreciators, were the first to immediately start snapping pictures with their digital cameras! The shutters were clicked at such a fast pace that everyone could detect their fanaticism.

Mika and the others' eyes all lit up as well. They kept taking pictures with their cell phones while praising Hoshi's appearance.

"So beautiful…"

"So cute… the maid outfit looks absolutely perfect on him…"

"It's impossible to tell that he's a boy… But he also gives off a special impression that a girl wouldn't…"

The girls chattered while taking pictures from various angles. They had Hoshi make various poses, and even requested that he model together with the real maid, Mai!

"Sure, just send me a copy of the pictures afterward." Mai smiled, and agreed to pose together with Hoshi.

The real and trap maid stood together and bowed together, along with making other such formal poses that were all recorded by everyone's cell phones and cameras.

Seiji found it impossible to continue pretending to meditate. He also couldn't help but take out his cell phone and snap pictures.

Mai glanced over at Seiji and indicated nonverbally towards Hoshi before walking over towards Seiji.

Hoshi instantly understood, and walked next to Seiji as well.

All cell phones and cameras were now focused on the three of them together!

Seiji instantly started panicking as he didn't know what the smiling maid Senpai and junior "maid" wanted to do.

"Young Master~ What service would you like today?"

Mai basically draped herself all over his arm and started whispering into his ear while caressing his chest. She intentionally used such a suggestive pose and expression while speaking.

"Young Master… feel free to order any service you wish~"

Hoshi's face reddened as he imitated Mai.

Seiji felt like he was about to explode!!

His brain was going numb and his body was trembling. Blood was welling up within him, and he didn't know what kind of expression he had anymore.

*Click click click click click…* There was a flurry of camera and cell phone shutter sounds!

The beautiful maid and the cute "maid" were making such suggestive poses around the handsome young master. This was a scene that everyone absolutely had to record!!

As for what happened after that, Seiji couldn't remember clearly… Or perhaps he just didn't want to remember.

He never expected that he would become personally involved.

Seiji didn't want to talk about or remember how he felt about it all. Nor did he want to look at any of the pictures of what happened. Seiji wanted to pretend that none of it ever happened.

But, that was impossible.

Mai smiled happily, Hoshi had a satisfied expression, and everyone all reacted in different ways… This was quite a fun photography part for everyone.

After everyone had their fun, it was now time for serious business.

Seiji started a strategy conference and arranged formations and tactics for everyone.

Hisashi became rather excited when Seiji mentioned what Mayuzumi's ability was. Hisashi strongly requested that Peach-sensei should summon Idelia right here and now for him to see!

Seiji stopped this as he felt that another photography party would occur if Idelia was summoned now. It would be better left for later instead.

After the strategy conference, everyone changed into combat equipment and finished their preparations before stepping into the spellcasting room.

Kazuko opened up her Domain, causing a black crack to appear on the ground. The crack opened up into a normal oval shape with red patterns inside.

Everyone entered, and saw snow-white cherry blossoms falling everywhere, together with gigantic blossoming cherry blossom trees!

This was Kaho's first time entering an Inner World. She managed to stay calm due to what she'd heard at the strategic conference and her experiences in the dream world.

It was the same for when she first witnessed Mika's transformation. Although Kaho was surprised, she didn't let it show on her face.

However, the otaku in Kaho couldn't help but have her expression flicker when she saw Idelia, the half-demon ice girl from "Honey Candy Girl" materializing in front of everyone.

Hisashi and Hoshi were also rather astonished to see Idelia for real.

If it wasn't for being mentally prepared already, the blonde-haired mafia otaku surely would have kneeled in worship!

"Lia… Goddess Peach…" Passionate tears flowed from Hisashi.

"It's really Lia… Aunt Mayuzumi is really amazing." Hoshi's eyes lit up as well.

'Amami-sensei is truly amazing to be able to summon her own manga character!' Kaho exclaimed in her mind as well.

She was truly moved to see a "living" Idelia in the flesh.

Having a 2-D character come into the 3-D world, even if Idelia didn't have any intelligence or a will of her own, was something truly amazing.

Although Idelia didn't have a soul, Mayuzumi controlled her perfectly so that Idelia acted just like a real human being. Perhaps if Mayuzumi's ability became stronger in the future, Idelia would be able to truly move and think for herself…

While Hoshi, Hisashi, and Kaho were busy exclaiming, countless flower petals whirled and started forming numerous red humanoid monsters—the Sakura samurai demons!

"Let's start battling! Do as we arranged!!" Seiji shouted.

Mika and Idelia fought at the forefront as the tanks. Hisashi, Hoshi, and Yukari fought from midrange. Mayuzumi and Kaho stayed at the rear. Kaede and Seiji roamed around the battlefield, acting independently.

All the knight order members started using their abilities against the Sakura samurai's attack!

Mika and some of the others had already experienced fighting in the Realm of Cherry Blossoms. Hisashi, Hoshi, and Kaho also performed quite well for their first time here.

Kaho summoned a swarm of red insects to sweep away enemy monsters. Her calmness and smooth actions made it impossible to tell that this was her first real battle. Evidently, this was because of her experiences in the dream world.

Kaho wasn't actually an Awakened, so she couldn't absorb the experience mist. However, her bonded insect demon Koumei could do so in her stead.

Every time the insects killed a Sakura samurai, the insects would then absorb all of the experience mist.

The only way for the insects not to absorb all the experience was to only weaken the spiritual monsters without killing them so that others could get the last hit.

Still, it would be too difficult to control such a large number of insects with such precision. And even if it were possible, it wouldn't be fair to ask Kaho and Koumei to take less experience.

It would be best to have everyone fight together.

The insect swarm could still be used as a large-scale AOE attack when it was necessary to cut down the number of enemy monsters. This wouldn't waste the experience mist, unlike Seiji's fire which wouldn't benefit him.

Everyone fought successfully and killed off a large number of Sakura samurai demons. The knight order's teamwork constantly improved, and the fighting wasn't difficult at all.

"A powerful one is coming." Kazuko, who was floating above Seiji, warned that a boss was coming.

A large amount of fallen cherry blossom petals started glowing red as they gathered together and transformed into a giant black tree. The tree's roots resembled tentacles, while the branches were shaped like human hands. Blood-red runes resembling demon faces appeared on the tree bark as the tree bloomed with bright red cherry blossoms. The tree then let a strange screeching sound—this was the "Sakura tree demon"!

It was assessed at evil demon danger level, same as the Sakura female demon Seiji fought previously. Although this tree demon didn't have a large-scale buff effect like the female demon, making it less dangerous, it was just as strong as the female demon. The tree demon's weaknesses were fire and thunder element… Seiji instantly recalled the relevant information.

The knight order could deal with such a monster, but the problem was...

"Kazuko! Five of them is too many!!"
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