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It was now the time of the year when cherry blossoms appeared.

Although spring had technically started quite a while ago, only when the cherry blossom season began would people on Sakura Island concretely feel that spring had arrived.

Cherry blossom viewing in spring… this was something that every Sakura Islander would do. It would be more fun to watch the cherry blossoms together with family and friends while having a picnic in a park.

After Seiji left the hospital, he suggested that everyone go out to enjoy the cherry blossoms and have a picnic. Mika and everyone else agreed and they quickly arranged a time.

Seiji really looked forward to this classical activity that appeared so often in anime and manga of his previous life. But while he enjoyed his daily life, there were still things he needed to do.

By the riverside.

Seiji walked over to the agreed upon location and saw that Kaho was already waiting there.

Just as Mika told him, he could tell that Kaho's aura had completely changed when he saw her again.

Although Kaho was simply wearing a plain one-piece dress with a normal jacket on top, this still showed off her mesmerizing allure. Her seemingly normal smile also appeared to contain some ambiguous meaning, and there was the flicker of something hidden within her eyes.

She would attract great attention from everyone simply by walking on the streets as she was now a great beauty whose large breasts were no longer concealed by the previous flabs of fat. She seemed completely different from the pudgy girl that Seiji had first met.

"Good morning, Kaho."

"Good morning, Seigo."

Seiji looked over her for a while.

"Are you really alright?"

"I think that I'm fine."

"Even though so many days have passed…"

"I'm not forcing myself at all." Kaho smiled. "I must have much greater tolerance for demon energy compared to my sister."

Seiji fell silent.

"She's obviously being affected by the demon energy," Yomi spoke in his mind. "Her current condition has nothing to do with 'greater tolerance.' She's completely adapted to the demon energy."


"She's accepting the demon energy and adapting to the demon's power. This is what will happen before she combines with the demon."

"What will happen if she combines with the demon?" Seiji asked Yomi in his mind.

"She'll transform into a demon or obtain the demon's power. If the first happens, the demon will have basically taken over her body completely. While she'll be able to retain her sense of self if she obtains the demon's power instead, it's highly likely that her personality will greatly change, as if she's become another person," the bonded female spirit explained. "Of course, there's also possibilities that the combining will fail, or that she'll go insane, or be seriously injured or even die."

"Will it be possible to stop all of this if we transfer the demon energy out of her now?"

"Yes, if she's willing to agree."

Seiji clenched his hand.

"Kaho… You're currently accepting the demon energy, is that right?"

Kaho's expression froze over for a moment.

"What does accepting the demon energy mean?"

"It means that you're not resisting the demon's power, but trying to obtain it instead."

Kaho tilted her head slightly. "I'm not trying to obtain anything. I'm simply bearing this for the sake of my older sister."

Seiji took a good look at her.

"Is that the truth?" he spoke in a heavy tone.

Something flashed in Kaho's eyes. "Of course it's the truth… But, if I can possibly obtain the demon's power, then I definitely want that as well."


"Because I want to become someone like you, Seigo." Kaho looked at him. "I want to be someone special with extraordinary powers."

"You don't have to become like me," Seiji stated.

"But I want to."

"You're being negatively influenced by the demon energy…"

"Not at all. I'm quite conscious of what I'm doing. This is what I wish for," Kaho spoke sincerely. "I want to become special. I want to get closer to you, just like Mika."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"I admire Mika as well as Chiaki because they're special," Kaho continued. "Mika is a Spiritual Ability user just like you are. And while Chiaki isn't a Spiritual Ability user, she's highly charismatic. Just as you previously said, she's the type of person that will always remain at the forefront. She's a girl that's highly noticeable.

"Yet, I'm no Spiritual Ability user, nor do I have any presence nor am I noticeable… I've always been like this ever since I was little.

"I've actually always admired… no, been jealous of my older sister. That's because my older sister is a perfect and special existence, while I'm only an ordinary person who got depressed because I can't compare to her. I'm just a vulgar mortal who avoided and even disliked and hated her because of my jealousy.

"Only when you encouraged me did I start to snap out of my depression.

"But, that still wasn't enough… I wasn't able to be by your side. Although we became friends, that's all we were—just friends. I wasn't able to be together with you like Mika and Chiaki could, and I especially couldn't be like President Yoruhana and you…

"I know that I shouldn't think so much into things. I know that since I'm an ordinary mortal, I should just act my part, working hard to an ordinary person's extent, yet…

"I still want to become special!" Blood-red runes appeared in Kaho's eyes.

"That's why, even if this is a demon's power, I still want to obtain it. Allow me to accept it if my older sister can't handle it!!"

"Kaho…" Seiji didn't know what to say after hearing all this as he looked her in the eyes.

Both of them fell silent for a moment.

The blood-red runes in Kaho's eyes faded.

Kaho lowered her head and requested, "Seigo, please don't transfer the demon energy back to my older sister. I want it… I won't regret it no matter what the consequences are."

"That's a demon's power. Even if you can obtain it, you might no longer be you." Seiji sighed. "Even if you don't regret it, what about others around you? This isn't only about you, Kaho… what will your older sister think if something happens to you? She'll think that she caused harm to befall you! She'll feel burdened by her guilt for the rest of her life. There's also your parents, your friends… as well as me, Mika, and Chiaki. None of us want to see anything happen to you, or see you becoming another person!

"Kaho Miyamoto is only an ordinary person. But so what? Your sister, your parents, your friends, including us, know you as such a Kaho. None of us think that there's anything wrong with this.

"Rather than taking a tremendous risk to become special, I'd rather see the Kaho I know safely maturing as an ordinary person. I believe that the others will feel the same way as I do."

'Please give up.' Seiji did his best to transmit such a feeling to her.

Kaho lifted her head. There was a smile on her face.

"Thank you for worrying about me, Seigo. However, I don't feel that this will be that dangerous, because I haven't felt that much pain so far. I believe that I can obtain what I desire. Please believe me… I believe in the you that believes in me."

They both fell silent again.

"Why don't you reconsider?" Seiji tried to convince her. "If you fail, a demon will take over your body… or you could even die. And even if you succeed, it's highly likely that your personality will be changed. Is that really worth it?"

"Don't you believe in me?" Kaho looked straight into his eyes.

'Hey, this type of question is cheating!'

Seiji found it difficult to respond as he recalled saying the same words to her that she was now using on him.

"Of course I believe in you… but I still need to say what I need to say! I wouldn't possibly want to see you taking such a risk and just leave you with a sentence like 'alright,'" Seiji spoke in a heavy tone.

"Then watch me," Kaho spoke softly. "If I change into a demon, then kill me. If I die a painful death, mourn me. If I'm no longer myself… allow me to fall in love with you again."
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