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When Natsuya mentioned Seiji's newfound fame from having revived the dead, he almost wanted to tell her about Yui's involvement, but he resisted the urge.

Since his cool older sister requested to keep her secret, he would keep it for her.

Even if he didn't want to gain reputation that he didn't deserve with his power level, he would have to accept it. Still, there was one person he probably didn't need to hide the truth from—his younger sister Hana.

Did Hana know about Yui's actions? And if Hana did, how much did she know?

'Let's contact her later and have a discussion,' Seiji thought to himself.

Shika silently observed him and Natsuya for a while before standing up.

"Brother, I'm going out shopping for some groceries."

"Eh?" Seiji was surprised by this.

"I'll be back in thirty minutes."

She then walked out of his hospital room right after saying this.

Going out to buy groceries?

Seiji's mind was filled with question marks as he watched his adopted younger sister leaving.

This was a high-class hospital that provided equally high-class meals. There was no need for him or Shika to do any cooking. Kaede was currently babysitting Reo back at Seiji's apartment. There was no need for Shika to go shopping for their sake, was there?

"Seiji…" A seductive voice soon sounded next to him.

Seiji turned around to see that Natsuya was looking at him expectantly. He instantly understood what was going on.

"I'm going out to buy groceries" was the same terrible excuse that he had once used! At the time, he had wanted to spend some time alone with Mika. He'd never expected that Shika would remember and use it here.

She was going to give Natsuya and him thirty minutes of time alone.

Seiji reached out his hand to his girlfriend that was acting so flirtatiously.

Natsuya blushed as she leaped into his arms. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

Seiji kissed her directly and enjoyed the sensation of the seductive girl's sweetness. He immersed himself in her taste.

"En… ah… en…"

Natsuya first accepted, then responded, and gradually began to want more.

She felt her body becoming so soft as if it was about to melt. Yet, her desire became even stronger as she became absorbed in this wondrously sweet and numb sensation, unable to let go…

Not enough, not enough, this wasn't enough at all…

She hadn't had any taste of Seiji for so long now.

Seiji was almost overwhelmed by Natsuya's desire.

When he felt her challenge, he passionately responded, hugging her tightly, gently stroking her back and silky hair.

"Ennn… ahnn… yahh…"

Natsuya felt even more comfortable from this as her consciousness gradually floated upwards and upwards. Finally, she surpassed a certain limit and reached the peak of pleasure!

She uttered extremely seductive sounds as she trembled in her boyfriend's embrace, enjoying a blissful feeling.


Seiji could tell that his girlfriend had just cl*maxed from kissing alone. He could only exclaim about how ridiculously sexy she was. It was quite difficult for him to restrain himself as a man.

Perhaps he should take out his lower body part and directly start…

'No, no, stop! No more thinking along these lines, hurry and stop!!'

Just imagining things made Seiji's lower body part begin to harden and swell up to an uncomfortable degree.

Natsuya sensed this.

She slowly moved over and touched that body part.

"Er…" Seiji felt rather embarrassed about this.

"Does this part feel uncomfortable?" Natsuya rubbed his member gently and asked.

"…A little…"

'It's feeling a lot more uncomfortable because you're touching it!' Seiji was unable to say this part out loud.

Something flashed in Natsuya's eyes as her face flushed completely red.

"How about I… help you with my hands?"


"That is… I'll use my hands to… help you release… that…"

The seductive scion's face reddened to an extreme as she gave off an aura of embarrassment.

Seiji pondered it over for a second before he realized what she was referring to. He instantly felt blood rushing to his brain as his face heated up!

What should he say at such a time?

Refuse…? It was impossible to refuse!

Plus, there was no reason to refuse… right?

No matter what, Seiji was unable to restrain his desire anymore! If he still forcefully suppressed his desire, he felt like he would explode!!

"Okay…" Seiji responded passionately.

In the end, Seiji achieved climax twice.

Natsuya was highly unskilled at servicing his member. However, she tried her very best to service him. Not only did she use her hands as promised, she even used her mouth. Also, she swallowed just about everything that he ended up releasing.

Seiji etched the entire process into his mind. He felt like he would remember this for the rest of his life.

It was wonderful to have a girlfriend!

It was wonderful to have such a beautiful and seductive girlfriend!!

It was the best thing ever to have such a beautiful, seductive girlfriend who was willing to try her best to service him!!!

Seiji really wanted to shout this out loud to the entire world from his hospital room window.

Actually, it was already a wonderful feeling that he got to climax once. But after that, Natsuya noticed that his member didn't seem to be softening at all, so she volunteered to help him a second time.

To be honest, he still hadn't softened even after climaxing a second time. However, time was almost up, and Shika would be returning soon. They could only end things there.

Both Seiji and Natsuya still had red faces even after they finished cleaning up.


"Y… yes?"

"I… felt really good just now… Thank you…"

"You're welcome…"



'What am I saying!!!' Seiji really wanted to beat himself up!

He had wanted to express his feelings. Yet, his words came out without any thought behind them. They sounded rather strange to him.

Natsuya saw how awkward he was evidently feeling. Although she was feeling awkward as well, she really wanted to laugh—and so she did.

"Heehee… you don't really need to feel so awkward," she said in a cute voice. "I'm your girlfriend. And, my family has formally recognized our relationship now."

"Although that's the case…" Seiji awkwardly scratched his face. He still didn't know how he should express himself.

"I'll do even more for you in the future." Natsuya's eyes were watery as she spoke softly. "As long as you want it, anything is fine with me…"

She imagined certain scenes that caused her face to become even redder.

'What am I saying!!!' Natsuya really wanted to roll around on the floor right now!

Although this was truly what she thought, it was far too embarrassing to have said it out loud! "Anything is fine with me?" Didn't that make her sound like a girl who was too easy!?

"I should be the one saying that." Seiji finally found what he wanted to say. "I made you worry for so long. I need to make things up to you. Anything that you want is fine with me."

Natsuya felt his sincerity as she looked into his eyes.

At this moment, she suddenly felt like all the torture her emotions had been through while he was unconscious had been worth it.

"Idiot…" Her eyes moistened again. "I'm the one who should be making things up to you… You wouldn't have needed to fight in this tournament at all if it wasn't because of me."

"That's not how things are." Seiji clutched her hand. "I was willing to fight for your sake. I could have returned long ago, but I ended up taking so long because of something completely unrelated to you. This caused you to feel pain and worry about me… It's all my fault. You didn't do anything wrong at all."

Tears swarmed out of Natsuya's eyes.

"Idiot… idiot… Seiji… you're such an idiot…"

Natsuya felt her heart filled with warmth. Although she didn't want to cry, she was unable to stop her tears.

Seiji brought her into his arms once again as he gently hugged her.

Natsuya cried for a while before she calmed down.

The two of them then silently hugged each other, all the way until Shika returned.

"…Do I need to go out for another round of grocery shopping?"

Shika calmly glanced at the two of them after she entered Seiji's hospital room.

"There's no need… thank you, Kagura-chan."

"No need to be so polite, Yoruhana nee-san."

Seiji blinked at how calm and peaceful their conversation seemed to be while also hiding something underneath.

Had something happened between Natsuya and Shika in the two weeks that he was unconscious?
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