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Chapter 552: I want to always be with you
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Moments later, their lips separated.

Seiji saw that the silver-haired beautiful girl had a flushed red face, along with watery eyes that contained a seductive expression. He was instantly attracted, and almost impulsively wanted to kiss her back!

"Seiji… I want to always be with you… is that alright?" Mika asked him gently.

There was no boy in this world that could refuse her in such a moment!

"Of course," Seiji agreed.

And then he saw the girl flash a beautiful smile that was incomparably gentle, sexy, and filled with bliss.

*Ding!* He suddenly heard a system notification.

[A female individual now has a favorability rating and connection rating towards you that are both over 100. You have now obtained her character reward card, along with unlocking additional bonuses on the card!]

A character reward card!?

This sudden important message caused Seiji to somewhat regain his senses.

'What did I agree to just now?

'Something about 'being together'… right?

'Being together in what way?'

He didn't even think too much into things just then and had only agreed reflexively.

Mika's current expression was so moving, not to mention her favorability rating and connection rating towards him simultaneously exceeded 100 just now. The "being together" that she spoke of definitely wasn't talking about simple friendship or teammates!

'I… did I just agree to something like a marriage proposal?'

Seiji mentally broke out into a cold sweat.

When faced with such a beautiful girl, Seiji faintly felt that even marrying her would be pretty nice… No, wait!!

They weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend yet! It seemed like they were skipping too many steps… wait a moment, didn't he already make such a comment earlier this morning!?

First it was with Natsuya, and now the same thing was happening with Mika!? Just what was going on today!!

No… was it his problem? He didn't do anything wrong today, did he?

Seiji's mind was in chaos.

Mika stared at him with a loving gaze before she mustered her energy, went up to him again, and kissed him for another time!


Seiji's mind once again went completely blank upon tasting this wonderful feeling.

This time, not only did Mika kiss him, she even sent her tongue into his mouth and passionately twirled his own tongue.

Seiji: "~~~~~~~"

This was far too much stimulation for him! It completely shook him as he lost himself within this feeling. He completely lost all ability to think.

"Mmm… ah… mmm…"

Mika closed her eyes and deeply kissed the person she loved, desiring to possess everything about him.

The passion emanating from her was evident for anyone to see. Any bystander would surely be infected by their passion… another way of putting it was that they were kissing with extreme fervor! It was so intense that anyone witnessing them would surely blush!!

Seiji felt as if he was melting as he withstood such passion.

'Ahh… this is so wonderful…'

This wondrous moment felt as if it lasted forever, but also as if it was only a short moment.

Mika finally stopped the kiss. When they separated from each other, a clear liquid could be seen dripping from their lips.

She used her tongue to curl this liquid into her mouth and licked her lips, making her seem incredibly devilish!

This type of little action was a huge contrast to her current ethereal beauty, which gave him an incredible impact!

Seiji was stunned by this.

Only moments later did he finally regain his senses.


Seiji wanted to find some words to express what he was thinking. Yet, he himself had no clue what he was thinking right now.

So, they simply ended up being intimate enough to kiss, just like this… Something seemed wrong above moving so quickly, though… but he was also unable to find it within himself to reject her…


Mika still had that seductive expression. However, the look of realization was in her eyes.

"It's fine for me as long as I'm together with you," she told him softly. "Even if you don't belong only to me, it doesn't matter."

Mika hugged him tightly after saying that.

Her tight hug was her way of transmitting the message that she definitely wouldn't let go.

Seiji was shocked by this!

Did she mean that it was fine if he had more girlfriends than just her?

Was this… allowing him to have a harem?

Mika would agree to him having a harem!?

Seiji received a tremendous impact! He had no clue what expression he had right now.

Then, he deeply felt her emotions and couldn't help but hug her tightly as well.

As for the idea of a harem, he didn't think too much on it right now because he had received far too large of an impact.

At this moment, Seiji was busy concretely understanding just how much Mika was in love with him!

Various lines that she had said to him before popped up in his mind...

"Alright, I'll believe you one last time."

"You can do it. Haven't you already changed yourself so much?"

"Call me Mika!"

"Was breakfast… delicious?"

"You have your reasons for saying what you did. I believe in you."

"Welcome back."

"I don't want things to always remain like this."

"I've resolved myself…"

"I'm going to walk down this path I've chosen, no matter what. I won't have any regrets."

"Why don't you help me think of a name for this child?"

"I'll do my best!"

"I've resolved myself to face the truth, no matter what the truth is like…"

"Just… what do you think of killing people?"

"I'm not a kind girl, I'm just a girl who likes you…"

"I want to become stronger, and be of assistance to you. That's why I'm choosing to join you."

"Seiji… for you."

She had always accompanied him down this path ever since the beginning… Although he indeed did some things for her, he felt that it completely wasn't worth her falling so deeply in love with him.

Truly… a stupid girl!

Seiji was so moved that his heart was aching. It felt as if there was a great pressure on his chest.

To reject such a her… on top of his previous rejection of her… he was absolutely unable to do it!

But to be with her together like this… Shika… Natsuya…

Seiji sunk into complete inner turmoil.

Mika felt a sweetness inside her heart when she felt that he also hugged her tightly.

She could definitely feel that he had feelings for her.

Even if these feelings were mostly because of his gentleness, that was still enough for her.

She resolved herself and received a response, which was wonderful enough for her already.

Mika knew that he was surely mired in inner conflict right now.

In order to assuage his turmoil, she slowly spoke up and gently stated, "The president is willing as well."


"President Yoruhana made an agreement with Chiaki. As long as Chiaki helped her to deal with Kagura-san, she'll allow Chiaki to be your mistress."

Seiji was rendered speechless.


This was too much information for him to take in. Seiji was stunned.

"Natsuya and Chiaki… Shika-chan…"

"The president said that she didn't know how to deal with Kagura-san, while Chiaki said that she had an idea, which is why the two of them came to an agreement," Mika explained.

Came to an agreement… the hell!!!

He could understand that Natsuya didn't know how to deal with Shika-chan.

But Chiaki was able to help her, and the price for helping Natsuya was to become his mistress… just what exactly was all this!!?

Seiji was forcefully commenting in his mind.

He felt that even a joke wouldn't be this ridiculous!

However, Mika's tone definitely wasn't a joking one. Nor was there any possibility that this was a lie.

'…Just how should I even react here?

'Could someone please tell me how I should react upon hearing that the girls who like me have made an agreement with each other to share myself!?

'Should I simply smile?

'Something still feels wrong about this picture!!'

He felt as if a rampaging stampede of animals was making a huge ruckus in his mind. His thoughts were in absolute chaos.

Seiji finally sighed after this condition of his lasted for quite a while.

"Is this… really fine?"

"You don't want it to be like this?" Mika countered with a question.

"As a gentleman, if I said absolutely not, that would definitely be a lie. But…"

There would be various problems.

Seiji let go of Mika and looked directly into her face, using his eyes to express his meaning.

Mika responded with a gentle smile.

"I want to be together with you. That's how I feel. I view this feeling as more important than anything else, which is why I'm willing to accept such a situation… I don't know whether I'll end up regretting this in the end. What I'm certain of right now is that if I leave you, I'll definitely regret it."

Seiji opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but didn't say anything in the end.

What could he possibly say to a girl like Mika who had such deep feelings for him and expressed them so clearly?

Instead of saying anything, Seiji took action and kissed her.

"Mmm~" Mika made a pleased sound as if she was a kitten.

This type of intimacy, this type of feeling, this type of spoiling, she was the first to enjoy such treatment, even before the president or Chiaki!

Although she no longer cared so much about having to share Seiji, just thinking about how she was the first in this regard still made her feel quite delighted!

Mika hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately… She was absorbed in this as a faint voice spoke in her mind, 'I've won.'
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