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Chapter 549: Because it’s really comfortable in Brother’s room…
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"Come into my room… you said?"

"Yeah." Natsuya's face flushed slightly red.

Enter his room to do what?

Well, Seiji wasn't stupid enough to ask such a question.

Still, it seemed like a bit of a problem to simply agree to let her enter his bedroom?

No, no, he couldn't let himself misunderstand!

She purely wanted to sit down in his room, and take a look around! That must be it!

"Sure, if you'd like… I don't really have much in my room." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face.

Natsuya's mouth arced upwards seductively and her eyes seemed watery.

…Eh, it didn't seem like she simply wanted to have a seat in his room?

Seiji's heartbeat rapidly quickened and he tried his utmost not to think gentlemanly thoughts as he did his best to maintain his calm on the surface while inviting her into his room.

Only, they saw Shika sitting on his bed while reading a story.

Seiji was astonished at this sight.

He never expected to find his adopted younger sister in his room, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise.

"Shika-chan… what are you doing here?"

"Reading," Shika responded quietly.

"Why here?"

'Shouldn't you be reading in your own room?' Seiji expressed such a meaning.

"Because it's really comfortable in Brother's room… is that no good?"

Shika covered half her face with the light novel that she was reading which had rather ero cover art and spoke in a gentle voice as she lifted her head slightly to look at her adopted older brother.

So cute! Seiji instantly received an impact.

"Of course it's fine, you can read wherever you want," Seiji the sis-con responded reflexively.

"Thank you, Brother Seiji." Shika smiled brilliantly while her face also flushed slightly red.

"There's nothing to thank me for…" Seiji smiled back at her before he finally regained his senses and recalled that the student council president was following after him, causing him to feel awkward.

Natsuya didn't say anything during his exchange with Shika.

"Good evening, Yoruhana-san." Shika looked towards and greeted Natsuya.

"Good evening, Kagura-san," Natsuya returned the greeting.

The two of them silently exchanged glances. Both had calm expressions.

Yet, Seiji felt as if something invisible was fiercely clashing in the air, causing his cheeks to twitch.

"Er… As you can see, this is what my room looks like. There really isn't much to see, haha…" Seiji spoke to Natsuya in an attempt to ease the atmosphere.

The student council president retracted her gaze from Shika and looked around the room.

"It's pretty much just like what I imagined." She took a few steps around and looked everywhere because she picked up a light novel off the bookshelf and walked up to Seiji's bed. "Is it alright if I also sit here and read?"

"Er… sure," Seiji agreed.

Natsuya took a seat on Seiji's bed.

"Seiji, could you please sit beside me?" She was just like Shika earlier, lifting her head slightly and speaking in a gentle voice.

Seiji once again received an impact from this!

He discovered that he was already sitting down by the time that he regained his senses.

Natsuya scooted over right next to him and began to read the light novel just like this.

"Seiji, what part do you enjoy about this light novel?"

"Um… I think the most interesting part is…"

Seiji began telling Natsuya about what he enjoyed regarding this particular light novel. However, most of his concentration was elsewhere as he was being distracted by the warm and soft sensation as well as the fragrance of Natsuya's body scent. He actually didn't really know what he was saying.

At this moment, he heard a sound. He then felt softness on the other side of his body as well. He turned around to see that Shika was now sitting against him as well!

"Brother… I think that this part is written excellently. What do you think?"

"This… I think it's great as well…" Seiji responded rather absent-mindedly.

Being stuck between the scion and his adopted younger sister felt rather wonderful for his body, but for his spirit…

"Seiji, what does this character mean with this sentence?"

"Brother, don't you think that this particular plot is rather forced?"

"Seiji, do you like this type of character?"

"Brother, don't you think that the reason this villain gives for doing a heel face turn is too ridiculous?"



'Give me a break!' Seiji was shouting in his mind.

While it was a marvelous feeling, it also gave him tremendous pressure. This almost felt like some sort of torture!

His sense of logic and reason made him want to escape from this situation, yet the pleasure from his body made him not want to leave. So, he could only stay in this mixed state of pleasure and torture.

The double-pigtailed beauty wore a jacket and scarf as she walked around on the streets at night all by herself.

She had nowhere in particular that she wanted to go. She simply walked around meaninglessly with no destination for a walk.

The night wind was rather chilly tonight.

Without realizing it, Mika arrived at the riverside. There wasn't a single other person in sight. This place felt really cold and lonely.

Mika paused in her footsteps and stood at a fence while she observed the silently flowing river water. She simply stood still in a daze.

Some time later, she noticed that the surface of the water near the riverbank was suddenly becoming chaotic.

Mika was mystified as to what was going on.

Thinking it strange, she kept watching that area of water. Several seconds later, she witnessed something tremendous and dark suddenly rising up from the water!

"What…" Mika widened her eyes in surprise.

Immediately following after, she saw two blue balls of light within that black object. There were yellow dots inside the blue balls of light, which made them seem like eyes… no, they were indeed eyes!

When those blue and yellow balls of light turned in Mika's direction, she instantly felt as if she was being stared at. She realized that this was a pair of eyes—a demon's eyes!

This was a powerful demon!!

Mika sensed danger and instinctively wanted to run away from here.

Yet, the moment she took her first step backwards, she heard a loud splashing sound, and witnessed the gigantic dark monster jumping out of the water! With water flying everywhere, the dark monster flew in the air and landed on the ground near her!

"Clack clack clack clack clack…"

It hissed with a sound as if wooden boards were rubbing against each other. Its blue demonic eyes stared right at the girl before it, flashing with a demonic light.

This gigantic demon was taller than the height of three adult humans combined. Mika was quite afraid.

However, she was no longer an ordinary person who didn't have the power to fight back.

Seeing that the demon was speedily rushing towards her, Mika forcefully squeezed the Spirit-Raising Talisman that she always carried with her.

"Come out, Mashiro!"


The talisman started glowing, and the silver-winged, black-haired loli appeared!

The next instant, Mashiro saw the giant demon right before her, causing her to pause in surprise and widen her eyes.


The blue-eyed giant demon got even closer and suddenly expanded its already dark and large body. It appeared as if it had opened a humongous mouth which was about to swallow up the Spiritual Creature and human girl together!!



The silver-winged loli sensed the danger that she and her "mother" were in, and instantly transformed into her blood-red-haired, black-winged dark form, causing a large amount of dark-red mist to explode from her body!


A heavy muffled sound occurred.

The giant demon's body retracted and its blue demonic eyes kept flashing. It hissed as if it was in terrible pain.


Mashiro chirped loudly yet again, causing the dark-red mist to instantly form into a ball shape and shoot at the large demon!


The dark black and red ball hit the large demon and exploded with a tremendous ear-piercing sound. The large demon was instantly vaporized.



The Spiritual Creature loli reverted to her black-haired, silver-winged form and flew into Mika's arms. Mashiro revealed a cute expression as if she wanted to be praised for doing well.

Mika smiled and gently patted Mashiro on the head.

"I never thought that we'd meet a demon like that… Thanks so much, Mashiro," Mika spoke sincerely.

"Chirp chirp~" The silver-winged loli was in a delighted mood.

At this moment, a black oval-shaped mysterious spell formation with a red circle inside suddenly appeared where the blue-eyed demon disappeared.

With a blood-red flash, all the surrounding area's street lamps went out simultaneously! The entire area sunk into complete darkness.

Several seconds later, the lights lit back up again.

The place where the double-pigtailed girl had been standing was now empty.
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