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Chapter 503: The Undying Indestructible Avenger
Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

"His Highness the prince… could you be referring to Shoutarou Rinura?" Seiji inquired.

"That's not him. However, His Highness stated that you were highly likely to mention this name," the brown-haired guard responded. "His Highness told us to welcome you into the palace when you arrive. Please follow me."

Seiji looked at the palace guard.

"I would like to ask your name, as well as the name of the person next to you."

"Eh? Why's that?"

"Because I feel like I've seen you somewhere before."

The brown-haired guard revealed a confused expression. He exchanged glances with the other guard.

"Neither of us remember ever meeting you before, sir. You must have mistaken me for another person."

"You truly don't remember ever seeing me before?" Seiji asked another question.

"Indeed, I've never seen you before… Please don't pay any attention to us. His Highness is still waiting for us. Please follow me into the palace."

"What if we refuse to enter?"

"Why would you refuse? Aren't you all here to meet with His Highness?" The guard frowned.

"We indeed wish to meet with this prince of yours, but we don't want to risk entering a palace filled with unknowns," Seiji told him. "That's why, I apologize beforehand, but please tell His Highness that we would prefer to meet with him outside of the palace. I hope that he can acquiesce to this request."

"How… preposterously impudent!" The brown-haired guard was angered by Seiji's request. The other guard had an expression of obvious displeasure as well.

The atmosphere immediately became tense.

However, the guards merely glared at Seiji and the others for a while before they turned around and left. They didn't seem like they were going to attack.

After the guards left, Seiji discussed what just happened with Matsutani and the others.

Matsutani remained adamant that he couldn't possibly have been wrong. These two guards were exact match for two people that he saw at the award ceremony.

In that case, they came up with two theories. Either Rinura created characters that were completely identical to all the award ceremony's attendees, or these two people were real people that completely forgot about their identities in reality due to currently being under Rinura's control.

Seiji felt that the second theory was more likely. Everyone else agreed with him on this.

It seemed highly possible that all the people present at the award ceremony were in that palace in such a condition.

If they started fighting with everyone, they would have to hold back. After all, none of them wanted to kill a real person.

As for the most important person of all, just where was Shoutarou Rinura and what condition was he in? Was that prince the guards mentioned really not him?

Confused, everyone decided to wait to see what would happen.

A few minutes later, a procession of people walked out of the palace towards Seiji's party.

This time, it wasn't only Matsutani. Seiji, Nomura, and the other authors all recognized the people that came out as well.

Editor Yoshizawa! Head Editor Hattori! The male and female hosts for the award ceremony!

All these people were wearing extravagant clothing. It made them seem like members of the nobility.

The most attention-grabbing person of all was a youth with blonde curly hair who walked in the middle.

He wore the most extravagant red and gold clothing of all. He had a dark-red cape and a silver longsword attached to his waist in a white scabbard. He appeared incredibly handsome, and his dark blue eyes seemed fierce and spirited.

This was… the prince?

Seiji and the others watched the blonde curly haired youth who seemed like the Prince approach them together with the award ceremony attendees.

The blonde curly haired youth faced everyone and spoke first, "My name is Adnan Andos Arlosis, the Losis Kingdom's First Prince. According to what you all know, I'm the main character of Shoutarou Rinura's light novel, 'The Undying Indestructible Avenger.'"

Seiji and the others were all rendered speechless by this unexpected introduction.

"I need to make it quite clear that I'm no fictional character. You can understand me as a human from a parallel world," Adnan told them all. "I don't know why I appeared here in this world of illusions. At first, I thought that I was dreaming. However, I later discovered that the existences here were real… At any rate, your group's goal should be to leave this world of illusions and return to your original world, am I correct?"

"…Yes." Seiji admitted this.

"My goal is the same as yours. I wish to return to my world." Adnan looked at Seiji. "In order to do this, I require your group's assistance."

"What assistance could we give?"

"In just a while, this entire world of illusions will begin collapsing. At that time, I need to concentrate on creating a connection to return to my original world. During this process, I need all of you to protect me."

"Please explain in more detail." Seiji felt that there was far too much he didn't know about what was going on.

"It's difficult to explain in detail because I don't really know much myself, either…" The blonde-haired prince paused for a moment. "To roughly explain, this world of illusions was created by Shoutarou Rinura, who acts as a host for my spirit. He's the foundation for everything that was created here. However, he is unable to bear the burden required for creating this world, so this world won't remain stable for much longer. I expect that all of you have already met undead such as skeletons. Those monsters are the products of this world of illusions becoming unstable and losing its order. The undead are the products of chaos. Currently, if it wasn't for me maintaining the order of this world, it would already be completely filled with those creatures of chaos. In just a short while, Shoutarou Rinura will reach his limit and will no longer be able to maintain this world, causing this world of illusions to begin collapsing. That's when I'll finally be able to return to my own world. However, at this time, large amounts of undead creatures of chaos will be produced. I require your protection so that I can safely leave this world."

Everyone exchanged awkward glances with each other upon hearing all this.

"So, if we do as you request, that will put us in danger, wouldn't it?" Seiji slightly furrowed his eyebrows.

"Indeed. However, I helped you all to protect these people. You owe this favor to me for doing such a thing." Adnan indicated towards Editor Yoshizawa and the other award ceremony attendees standing around him.

Seiji glanced over at Saki to see that the female editor had a blank expression and was merely standing there doing nothing.

"What happened to all of them?"

"They were already in this condition when I arrived and saw them," Adnan explained. "Unless I give them identities and commands in this world of illusions, they won't act at all, just like puppets. If it wasn't for me, they would have been swallowed up by the chaos long ago."

"Is there any way for you to prove the veracity of your words?"

"I can immediately stop maintaining the order in this world. A large amount of undead will immediately appear here, and even all these people will become undead as well. Is that what you wish to see?"

Everyone remained silent for a moment.

"I apologize. I wasn't intending to make it sound like I wanted to use these people as hostages. However, there's not much time left, and I'm unable to give you all an explanation…" Adnan sighed. "I only want to return to my own world… I still have things I must accomplish there."

"Could that be… revenge?"

"Yes. That's the only meaning left in my life now. Shoutarou Rinura from your world was able to witness my experiences. He wrote them into a light novel and won a Gold Award in your world… that's something I'm furious about." The blonde-haired prince now had a grim and dark expression. "Of course, I know that he didn't do it to intentionally enrage me. It's a mysterious power from your world, perhaps a godlike existence, that played such a terrible joke on me. After all of you return, inform Shoutarou Rinura for me that he needs to immediately stop writing about my life experiences! My life isn't something that he's allowed to use for the amusement of others!!"

All the light novel authors felt like their ears were about to go deaf from the volume of his angry roar.

"You said that he is a host for your spirit… isn't there a way for you to tell him this directly?"

"I already gave him my message. However, I think that he won't be able to remember my message to him in his current condition."

"…Alright." Seiji nodded in agreement. "After we return to our real world, I shall tell him what you said."

"You believe in me now?" Adnan looked at Seiji.

"To be honest, it's quite difficult for me to trust you so quickly. However, I believe that the emotions you expressed just now were real." Seiji sighed. He then turned to look at his companions. "What are all of your opinions?"
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