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Hail the King Chapter 378: Loyalty of the Barbarians, Mutation of the Dog

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Found them!

Fei jumped off of the building, grabbed onto Elena’s hand, and kissed it subconsciously. “Haha! Finally found them! Let’s go and kill these monsters!” after Fei said that, he immediately dashed towards the wooden pen.

Elena also moved towards the direction of the wooden pen quickly; she was able to travel more than 100 meters per second.

If Fei paid more attention to Elena, he would find that this cold and valiant Valkyrie was blushing; her face and neck were all red. Her beauty was completely revealed to the world, but it was covered up by the dense snowfall.

A bloody smell came from afar.

Fei dashed into the monsters. Most of the monsters on [Frigid Highlands] were melee type physical damage monsters; their claws were sharp, and the scales and spikes on them could easily penetrate through flesh. Some monsters were able to cast fire-elemental magic spells, but they were too easy for Fei to deal with. Like a tiger in a crowd of sheep, Fei easily killed them and opened a path for him.

Elena followed Fei tightly and charged forward.

A terrifying chilliness appeared around this beautiful mercenary, and all the monsters within a 20-meter radius from her whined; the more powerful monsters were frozen to the ground, and the weaker monsters were all turned into specks of crystal ice dust.

Paladin Skill – [Holy Freeze].

Elena gained the Paladin Bloodline a long time ago, and she was capable of learning the skills of the Paladin. After listening to Fei’s recommendations, Elena learned her first offensive aura [Holy Freeze] after she gained some healing and defensive auras.

It was a powerful icy-elemental magic ability.

It would do cold damage to enemies nearby periodically. The weaker monsters wound be killed, and even boss-level monsters would be slowed down dramatically.

Fei recommended Elena to learn this skill for that very reason; except for the damage, the slowing effect on the enemies would help Fei greatly. Powerful monsters would be slowed down and forced to move in slow-motion; it was effortless for Fei to kill them.

The murderous killing was continuing, and even the air in the area turned red.

The screams of the monsters resonated in the area as Fei’s power that broke the balance of the game was demonstrated in full. Every time he punched out, five to six monsters would be killed; no monster was able to come close to him within a 50-meter radius.

After 20 minutes, these 600 monsters were turned into gold coins, items, and potions on the ground.

Although most of the potions and items were useless to Fei at this point, the thrifty king of Chambord couldn’t just leave them here. Fei quickly ran around and picked up everything.

Even if he couldn’t use them, he could still turn them into gold coins in [Harrogath].

Of course, Elena couldn’t see the gold coins and the items on the ground; she just looked at Fei who was bending over and picking up “nothing”. However, she didn’t ask Fei what he was doing as she didn’t care about anything else that wasn’t on her mind.

Fei was everything to her; he added the color to her simple yet monotone life.

In her mind, she only needed to follow this man and do whatever he wanted.


After Fei picked up all the items, he walked to the wooden pen.


He smashed the gate of the wooden pen easily.

According to his memory, a teleport portal should appear inside the wooden pen, and the three Barbarians should walk through the portal and go back to [Harrogath].

However, this wasn’t the first time that something happened in Diablo World that didn’t match with his previous gaming experience on Earth.

These three Barbarian Warriors who were more than two meters tall walked up to Fei sincerely; it felt like they weren’t unintelligent NPCs as they were very lively.

These warriors had small braids on their heads, and more than half of their faces and bodies were covered with tattoos. After they looked at Fei and Elena invasively for a second, they locked their eyes on Fei.

“Is this real? Great barbarian warrior, we have sensed [Immortal King] Bul-Kathos on you. Is the honor coming back to the Barbarian Tribe? Is the Barbarian God finally showing appreciation for his forbidden subjects? Hero, please don’t reject our loyalty!”

What these three Barbarian Warriors said shocked Fei; they were supposed to be insignificant NPCs!

“[Immortal King] Bul-Kathos? The loyalty of the Barbarian warriors? Wait, why aren’t these three Barbarians acting according to the script?”

As Fei was wondering about that, the cold and mysterious voice that hadn’t spoken to Fei for a long time suddenly sounded by Fei’s ear.

“By accepting the loyalty of the Barbarian warriors, you could obtain three NPCs who could grow in strength over time. In addition, you could summon them to the real world anytime without using any experience point.”

“What?” Fei was stunned. His decision was clear! He didn’t hesitate a bit and accepted the loyalty of these three Barbarian warriors.

A wild aura surrounded these three Barbarian warriors, and they were pretty powerful; Fei could tell that they were at least on the level of Four-Star. After everything was done, they went back to [Harrogath] via the teleport portal.

Fei, on the other hand, continued to look for other Barbarian warriors who needed his help.

After getting rewarded handsomely, the king was even more motivated to complete the quest.


“The lone smoke is rising erectly from the vast desert; the round sun is setting slowly over the long river.”

Fei lied on [Black Tornado]’s back, and most of his body sunk into the long mane of the big black dog. After he saw the half of the red sun that was climbing up from the horizon, he suddenly recalled and recited the lines in a famous poem written by the renowned poet Wang Wei.

Dawn arrived about one hour ago, and the herald brigade started to speed towards Dual-Flags City after breakfast.

They had traveled more than 70 kilometers already, and the most important city along the northwest border, Dual-Flags City, was only less than 30 kilometers away. If they were able to keep up the speed, they would arrive at Dual-Flags City before the sun completely appears in the sky.

More than 100 scouts were sent out.

These scouts came and went; their dusty trails looked like dragons from above, and clip-clop noises of their mounts broke the silence in the desert. In every few minutes, a few scouts would report back everything that was happening in a 20-kilometer radius.

Everyone in the brigade sensed the intense atmosphere.

However, Blacky the dog was still chilling; it wandered behind the troop and didn’t fit in with the whole scene.

This beast never stopped consuming [Hulk Potions], and Fei started to wonder what type of animal did Angela save in the back mountains of Chambord.

“How can Blacky endure the effect of [Hulk Potions] to this degree? Any regular dog could have exploded already.” Fei thought.

Currently, Blacky was oily black! Except for the long manes, all the hair on its body was short and smooth. When it stood up and walked, it was more than three meters tall and more than eight meters long. Technically, it couldn’t be called a dog; a dog shouldn’t be this big and shouldn’t look this ferocious.

When Fei was free, he liked to play tug-of-war with Blacky. With the physical strength of his level 88 Barbarian, he could easily use more than 10,000 pounds of force, and he still had to use 80% of that strength to win.

On top of its substantial physical strength, Blacky also had a thick skin and sharp claws.

Military-grade arrows couldn’t even pierce through its skin, and when Fei wanted to fix its nails, he broke three swords and didn’t even leave a dent on them.

Every time this beast roared, Fei felt like it was going to spit out a fire; the smell of sulfur was too strong!

It was evident that Blacky was undergoing an unknown mutation after it consumed so much [Hulk Potion]. Since the changes that had happened to Blacky already shocked Fei and Fei could no longer predict its evolution path, he won’t be surprised if this beast got a pair of wings one day.

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