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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 997

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"Who are you?" Long Xueyao asked with a frown.

The teenager showed a faint smile and replied, "This one is Luo Fan. I used to be an exchange student of the Lan Yue Dynasty to the Long Xuan Empire’s Holy Roland School, where I personally experienced the insidiousness of that Lord Shen."

Geng Di took a breath and glanced at Luo Fan. Luo Fan gave him a rea.s.suring smile.

Luo Fan immediately followed up, "Once, I was quite versatile in pharmaceutics. When I went to Holy Roland School though, Shen Yanxiao had challenged me for unknown reason. I accepted her challenge thinking that since we were both Pharmacists, we could learn from each other. But unexpectedly, she did some tricks in that pharmaceutical match, turning me from a genius Pharmacist into a waste. I don’t mind if you laugh at me, but it’s true that I, Luo Fan, cannot cultivate dou qi, cannot cultivate magic, and now, even my spiritual force was destroyed; I can do nothing anymore."

There was a trace of astonishment on Long Xueyao’s face. She looked at Long Fei. Long Fei quickly examined Luo Fan’s whole body. With his current strength, it was natural to see that Luo Fan’s words were true. He was indeed a waste. Long Fei hesitantly nodded to Long Xueyao.

"How is that possible?" Long Xueyao had an incredulous expression. Her impression of Shen Yanxiao was definitely not that she was such a cunning person.

Luo Fan smiled bitterly and said, "I don't have to lie to you. If it weren’t because I suffered under her hands, why should I drag this despicable body to appear in front of people? I quite had a very famous reputation before and I also had attracted the attention of Holy Roland School. Perhaps I acted too ostentatiously. I didn’t know that I had drawn in someone's claws. Because of my talent, Shen Yanxiao hated me out of jealousy."

Luo Fan miserably narrated. It was as if Shen Yanxiao was a narrow-minded, nasty person who could not tolerate seeing others better than her.

Long Xueyao bit her lip. She felt that the person that came from Luo Fan’s mouth was completely different from Shen Yanxiao. But Luo Fan was really a waste. He had no reason to lie to her. Luo Fan’s ident.i.ty was not unknown. If she were to send people to investigate the matter, he would immediately be exposed if he had lied.

In the end, Long Xueyao was still young and her experience was very limited. It was impossible for her to have thought that Luo Fan's words were taken out of context.

Luo Fan was indeed ruined by Shen Yanxiao. But all this was also his own fault. If he did not help Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi force Tang Nazhi out of the Pharmaceutical Branch, Shen Yanxiao would not be so ruthless.

It was a pity that Luo Fan did not mention the reason for the incident. Even if Long Xueyao sent people to inquire, it would very unlikely to obtain this layer of information. The full story from the beginning to the end was only known to Shen Yanxiao and the five animals after all.

"Is Shen Yanxiao really that vicious?" Elder Wen was convinced of Luo Fan's words. He became even more disgusted with Shen Yanxiao.

Luo Fan answered, "I don't dare to talk casually, but it’s not only me, even the spiritual force of the top student of Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch had completely been destroyed by her. Now, that person is recuperating in the Magical Fantasy City. His master is the Master Pharmacist Pu Lisi. When Shen Yanxiao was at Holy Roland School, she often spoke rudely to Master Pu Lisi. At that time, Master Pu Lisi was the head of the Pharmacist Branch, but his only disciple was ruined by Shen Yanxiao, forcing him to take his own disciple away to the Lan Yue Dynasty to find my master Jun Mo to treat both of us." Luo Fan’s words sounded very sincere and his tone was very sad; hearing it would indeed make one shed tears.

Correspondingly, the image of Shen Yanxiao had been turned black and blue under Luo Fan’s attack.

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