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Shen Jiawei did not say anything more. He understood that Shen Yanxiao had already made a decision, and that he could not change it anymore.

However, he did not regret telling Shen Jiayi's situation to Shen Yanxiao.

During this period of time, although his days were not as luxurious as before, he had an unusual piece of mind. Shen Yanxiao did not treat them as badly as they should have been treated. Shen Jiawei also knew a lot of people in The Rising Sun City. No one here would flatter him just because he was a young master of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and n.o.body would be pressured by him because he had no status here.

He liked it here and did not want anyone to spoil the peace here.

Shen Jiawei withdrew from the study, leaving Shen Yanxiao, who was sitting alone inside the room. The mini dragon on her shoulder was motionless like a doll.

“A person whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant. Shen Jiayi, I’ve already given you a chance.” Shen Yanxiao's fingers tightly closed. In the few conversations that Shen Jiawei had heard, besides the important words “No. 2”, there was almost no other gain.

However, Shen Yanxiao wanted to know more. Although Lan Fengli had his appearance altered now, the local people of The Rising Sun City were basically aware of his name and ident.i.ty. The code name given by that group of people to Lan Fengli was No. 2, but it was difficult to guarantee that they did not know the original name of Lan Fengli, and if they would not tell Shen Jiayi his name.

If Shen Jiayi knew Lan Fengli’s name, even if Lan Fengli changed his appearance, she was afraid...

That group of people was already certain that Lan Fengli was here, and she believed that it was Shen Jiayi who had revealed it.

Now, the only thing that Shen Yanxiao wanted to determine was whether Shen Jiayi had really identified Lan Fengli, and whether or not she had already told the news of Lan Fengli’s whereabouts to those people.

But after pondering it more, Shen Yanxiao thought that Shen Jiayi might not have discovered Lan Fengli after all.

Although she had seen Lan Fengli at her side, that was still back then in the school tournament.

Although Shen Jiayi was now in The Rising Sun City, she had been staying behind closed doors all day, and also had no contact with other people. Even if she sneaked out to look for Lan Fengli, if there were no local people of The Rising Sun City to tell her, it would be impossible for her to identify Lan Fengli.

In addition, Lan Fengli rarely appeared in front of people. During the days when Shen Yanxiao was away from The Rising Sun City, Lan Fengli basically stayed in the City Lord Residence and did not go out at all.

Moreover, since someone had been sent to ask Shen Jiayi just a few days ago, Shen Yanxiao believed that before that time at least, Shen Jiayi had not yet found Lan Fengli.

Right now, Shen Yanxiao could determine two points.

First, Shen Jiayi did not find Lan Fengli.

Second, that group of people was convinced that Lan Fengli was in The Rising Sun City.

These two points were both good and bad, depending on how Shen Yanxiao handled them.

It was not enough to confront that group of people with her current strength. The Warlocks who could escape the alliance of the four countries were not ordinary individuals. Moreover, Shen Jiawei said that those people had been able to transform nine people into super killing beings with the characteristics of seven races.

Even if they got rid of Lan Fengli, they still had eight experimental bodies in their hands.

Just how frightening was Lan Fengli? Vermillion Bird had already made it clear, even him at his peak was not an opponent for Lan Fengli.

If that group of people figured out Lan Fengli’s ident.i.ty and sent out the remaining eight experimental bodies, even if Shen Yanxiao had eight Mythological Beasts in her hands and Xiu, this Great G.o.d, she was still not full of certainty that they could win against the enemy.

After all, the integration of the seven races was their most perfect work.

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