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Meanwhile, Shen Yanxiao had everything!

What was even more ridiculous was that, when Gu Feng thought of his mockery to Shen Yanxiao along the way, he felt that those words were now plastered on his own face.

Gu Feng was completely paralyzed. His father might be comparable to Shen Yanxiao, but he...

He had no qualifications whatsoever to speak with Shen Yanxiao.

All of his arrogance disappeared at this moment without a trace. Gu Feng shut his mouth and dared not utter a word. He was currently in The Rising Sun City. If Shen Yanxiao really wanted to get rid of him, it was estimated that even Long Fei could not stop it. The heaven was high and the emperor was far away. Even though he was the son of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps’ head, he feared that he would be beyond help.

Furthermore, it was Gu Lan who ordered the hara.s.sment on Shen Yanxiao’s people to stop them from building The Rising Sun City. Gu Feng was well aware that with all the old hatred and recent grudges, if he provoked Shen Yanxiao even more, he might be directly burnt by Vermillion Bird’s spit.

The mercenaries of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps were also very astonished. They had seen early on that their Corps Head had the intention to coax this young boy who was called Shen Jue to join their corps. They had been polite to her all the way, but...

Such a crazy thing like inviting the City Lord of The Rising Sun to join their mercenary corps, who would tell them what exactly their head was thinking in the end?

"I said it was an accident. Since you don't like it, then I’ll hand it over to you." Shen Yanxiao was having a headache because of Vermillion Bird. She simply picked up the mini dragon, who was standing on her shoulder while talking to the small Phoenix, and placed it into Vermillion Bird’s arm without any hesitation.

"..." Vermillion Bird, who was still fuming in anger, had been petrified in an instant.

She just really handed it over to him like that?

"You're not afraid I’ll kill it?" Vermillion Bird frowned, looking at the mini dragon in his arm, his mouth spouted some cruel words.

"No problem, do as you please." Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

"..." Vermillion Bird looked at the mini dragon and then looked back at Shen Yanxiao.


How could she let him, a dignified Mythological Beast, kill such a suckling baby?!

This was simply an insult to him!

“Guji!” The mini dragon seemed to be expressing its protest. It slowly turned around and launched its small dragon wings to accuse Shen Yanxiao of throwing it away like some baggage.

Well, no one knew about it except the small Phoenix.

“Chirp?” The small Phoenix heard the protest of the mini dragon. It slowly walked in front of Vermillion Bird's head and stretched out its own small head to watch the mini dragon in protest. Its big watery eyes were full of curiosity.

"Guji!" The mini dragon wanted to look up, but unfortunately its round, chubby body did not have such a thing as a neck. When it looked up, its whole body directly fell backwards into Vermillion Bird’s palm.

It looked at the small Phoenix and gestured something with its tiny claws.

"Chirp!" The small Phoenix understood!

"Guji!!" The mini dragon was very satisfied.

"Chirp..." The small Phoenix sympathized with the situation wherein the mini dragon was abandoned. It was very friendly with the mini dragon, so it decided to stretch out its wings, seemingly inviting the mini dragon to build a nest on Vermillion Bird's head...

"..." Vermillion Bird was speechless. He didn't know why but he somehow could understand the mysterious dialogue between the two suckling babies that could not even speak proper words.

"Chirp... Chirp...“ When the small Phoenix saw that Vermillion Bird did not respond, his small mouth simply gently pecked twice on his head.

Vermillion Bird silently lifted the mini dragon to the top of his head. The small Phoenix was very cheerful.

But the next second, Vermillion Bird directly tossed the mini dragon to Shen Yanxiao with an "I already know your premeditated plan" expression!

"Don't even think about letting me help you raise another child again! This one fellow here was already annoying enough!"

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