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For Long Fei to reach The Rising Sun City, they must travel through the northern and eastern region. No one knew how many demons they would encounter. Qin Qiong had stayed in the Blizzard City to manage everything there, while Wu Run accompanied Long Fei to The Rising Sun City along with Long Xueyao, Gu Feng, and Shen Yanxiao. There were also 300 Senior Professionals with them. With such a striking team, even if they encountered a demon attack, there would be nothing that could stop them.

With so many powerful mercenaries, although they had encountered a few waves of demons in the northern region, Long Fei and the rest had gotten through it without any mishap.

Shen Yanxiao did not fight from the beginning to the end. She had already broken through into the second stage and there was no need to take a demon as a training partner.


The mini dragon seemed to like to stand on her shoulders, and Shen Yanxiao did not want to walk around with this stupid fella all day.

It was because, the look of the the mini dragon's small face was just too arrogant. It seemed to think of itself as an emperor. Even though it was only standing on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder, it looked at other people with eyes full of contempt.

It was only Long Xueyao who thought that the mini dragon was actually cute and would come to her from time to time to tease it.

However, the reaction of the mini dragon could only be described with the word, ‘tsundere’ [1].

[1] a person who is cold on the outside but is actually soft in the inside.

And so, without encountering any mishap, the team safely left the northern region and continued onwards to the eastern region that belonged to the Long Xuan Empire.

“This is the eastern region? It is a lot warmer than the north.” Long Xueyao and Shen Yanxiao were riding in the same carriage, along with Long Fei and Wu Run. Gu Feng was, by Long Fei’s arrangements, riding in another carriage.

The reason was simply because that fellow was too noisy!

"There are quite a lot of demons in the eastern Barren Land. And the demons here do not have much contact with the human race, unlike the demons in the north. We must be careful around everything here." Long Fei looked out of the window. One time, he sent some miners from the Blizzard City into the eastern region, but unfortunately, a disaster happened. That was why he was very clear that the demons here were very cruel.

With the exception of the eastern region, humans had long been stationed in the other three regions of the Barren Land. Their three cities had also been making a deal with several of the surrounding demons, exchanging many slaves to obtain relative stability.

However, The Rising Sun City was only built a few months ago. Even if they were to have had this idea, he was afraid that it was not possible to have implemented it so soon.

Long Fei relayed this message to all the members: After entering the eastern region, they must be on their guard as there was always a possibility of fighting with the demons at any time.


On the first day they entered the eastern region, although the team had seen shadows of some demons from far away, those demons not only did not launch an attack in their direction, but turned away instead.

Long Fei only thought that those were just some lower demons. Seeing a large number of people on their side, they were not bold enough to step forward.

The next day, a group of demons led by five or six higher demons pa.s.sed by the side of their carriage openly. All the mercenaries were almost ready to fight. The result was that several of the higher demons only looked at them calmly, before taking their own younger brothers to continue to hurry forward. They didn’t seem to have any plans to eat humans.

The same was true on the third day...

Long Fei wondered. Since their team of Blizzard City entered the eastern region, there had not been any action. It had only been a few months since the time he had sent some people from the Blizzard City to this region, so how come the demons in the eastern region had become so polite?

They saw them yet they did not even pounce on them to eat them. And they were even apparently used to it as they had completely ignored their team full of humans.

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