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"How do I send this fellow back?" Shen Yanxiao must absolutely not let anyone know about this matter. That on her first time summoning, she actually summoned such a stupid and adorable stuffed toy!

But, what about Xiu?

Xiu was not entirely a human!

"Cut off the magic transmission, or put it back in the summoning array to let it go back itself." Xiu looked at the vivid expression of Shen Yanxiao, and his eyes seemed to have a hint of laughter.

"All right!" Shen Yanxiao, gallantly and filled with vigor, carried the mini dragon in her hand and walked towards the summoning array.

Why did she not just cut off the magic transmission?

Forgive her, Yun Qi had never expected her to break through to the Second Stage Profession so quickly, so...

He had not taught her how to cut off the magic transmission yet!

"Guji?" The mini dragon’s crimson eyes looked at Shen Yanxiao's gloomy face. It did not know why the human being who summoned it had such a terrible atmosphere around her.

Shen Yanxiao placed the mini dragon on the summoning array and put both of her hands on her hips before saying, "You can go back now."

"Guji?" The mini dragon tilted its head, its eyes filled with confusion.

"Go back." Shen Yanxiao commandingly said!





Shen Yanxiao stood outside the summoning array, and dumbfoundedly stared at the mini dragon.

Xiu seemed to know what the problem was and said, "Since it’s still a newborn, it doesn’t know how to go back."

"No way!" Shen Yanxiao turned her head to look at Xiu with a desperate expression.

"That should be it." Xiu narrowed his eyes. A newborn phantom beast was much more fragile and ignorant than a magical beast. A phantom beasts’ strength could only mature by cultivating in their own world.

"That’s not true, ah! That thing is going to make me die!” Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry. Seeing the silly mini dragon standing in the summoning array and showing an "I'm so cute" expression, she had the urge to strangle it alive.

She did not know how to cut off the magic transmission, and the mini dragon could not go back by itself. What could be good about this?!

"Xiu, do you know how long it will take before it will consume all my magic?" Shen Yanxiao could only pray that the magic consumption for summoning this phantom beast in this world was so huge that she could send this ‘stuff toy’ back due to lack of magic.

Xiu glanced at Shen Yanxiao, who had just broken through to the Second Stage Profession, and then looked at the mini dragon that was in a daze. He said a conclusion that made Shen Yanxiao fall even deeper into the abyss.

"Newborn phantom beasts do not need much magic. With your present magic source, supporting it in this world for a decade or two should be fine."

"..." G.o.d, ah, please just kill her with a thunderbolt!

The mini dragon couldn't wait for Shen Yanxiao to give it a hug of love, so it began to stride with its two short legs and jumped toward Shen Yanxiao’s body.

Shen Yanxiao helplessly looked at it. The stuffed toy used its four small claws to slowly climb on her body.

Finally, it crawled up to Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder. The mini dragon’s two small claws steadily grabbed Shen Yanxiao's clothes and then stood up!

"Guji!" The mini dragon felt that it was standing high, so it tried hard to unfold its pair of mini wings in order to look mighty.

But the effect...

Forget about it.

"Should I be happy that it at least didn’t lie on my head?" Shen Yanxiao wiped away her sweat. She suddenly thought of the time when she brought the small Phoenix home and left it with Vermillion Bird to raise. And now, it was finally her turn... She still felt very tragic about all this.

At least, the small Phoenix was a rank eight high-level magical beast. It could be considered a reserved Mythological Beast. Furthermore, it was also followed by its parents who were both Mythological Beasts as well.

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