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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 839

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The main road leading to the Long Xuan Empire’s border from The Rising Sun City was in the eastern part. So she wanted to start with the city that was closest to the main road, and was also convenient for future trade.

Shen Yanxiao’s idea was very thorough and the others did not have any objections.

“Now that The Rising Sun City had officially been opened to the outside world, how are you going to deal with Pei Yuan and Long Yue?” Qi Xia spoke lazily. Both of them were previously detained because The Rising Sun City was not yet built, and at that time, they could not afford to have any external troubles.

But now that the reputation of The Rising Sun City had already been established, even if the Emperor of Long Xuan Empire knew certain things, he would dare not be too a.s.sertive in making things public.

The Rising Sun City represented the face of Long Xuan Empire in the Barren Land. Unless the Emperor was a fool, he would never slap himself in front of the other three countries.

Shen Yanxiao moved her lips aside. Pei Yuan’s group had already spent a lot of time in The Rising Sun City. The imperial guards were clueless about the demons’ presence in the city: only Pei Yuan and Long Yue knew of this matter. The two of them were buried in a group of demons by Shen Yanxiao during this period of time. After being fearful in the beginning, their minds had already became calm in their presence.

They talked and laughed merrily, drank and ate every day with the demons.

Pei Yuan was a wise man. Although he had a righteous att.i.tude, Shen Yanxiao had now twisted his prejudice against the demons. She did not think that this old man would spout things around.

As for Long Yue...

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. The little prince was actually a bit cute. During this period of time in The Rising Sun City, he was not very delicate. He often helped with the construction of the city. He was very well-behaved, and although he was young, his degree of acceptance towards the demons was even higher than that of Pei Yuan. After being mixed with a group of higher demons for so long, he had already considered Fu Tu and others as big brothers. He was even impressed by the domineering nature of Fu Tu and the rest so that, regardless of Pei Yuan’s livid face, he followed them all day long.

"After two days, when the guests are gone, I will let them go back." Now that there were other people inside The Rising Sun City, no matter from which country, Pei Yuan and Long Yue’s ident.i.ty was sensitive. It was not a good idea to let them go now with such a group of people around.

Although these two people were detained by her, Shen Yanxiao did not dislike them, and naturally, she would be a little concerned.

"That is also fine. Then you will also wait for them to leave first before reclaiming the other cities, right?" Qi Xia nodded in approval. Shen Yanxiao's plans became more and more perfect.

"En. Su He, tell the brothers Jia Lan and Jia He to go to the city and snoop around, find out how many higher demons are in the city and who is the one in charge. After that, let Jia Lan talk with those fellows." Only the higher demons could enter Shen Yanxiao’s eyes. As for the other demons, they were just some residue of slags in front of her.

There was another reason why Shen Yanxiao wanted to reclaim a new city. The number of demons in the underground of The Rising Sun City was increasing, and it would soon be stuffed full. One reason why she wanted to expand her territory was because almost every city of the Devil Race had underground cities, and it was definitely a good place to house the demons.

Moreover, the originally empty dark crystal in the underground magic array room had now been fully charged this time; it was a pity not to use it.

Also, the three plants had been taken care of by her very well, and now, the three strains had become twelve strains, and the dark elements that were being spread were already too much for them. It was also good to bring some and feed other demons in the new city.

The plan of reclaiming the new cities was thus determined. Many of the city’s guests did not leave. It was estimated that they would stay here for three or five more days.

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