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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 834

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The third batch of transaction prices rose slightly, but the increase only resulted in 7.5 million gold coins.

When the last batch of Dou Qi Potions appeared, the atmosphere in the entire auction house was obviously different.

Everyone wanted to give their all in this last fight. The first few concessions were for the strongest opponents to retire quickly. This last batch was the key to contention.

Like the last time, the price immediately increased from one hundred thousand to one million gold coins.

The shouts of the people were truly frightening.

In the end, the transaction price of the fourth batch of potions exceeded eight million and reached 8.7 million.

Qi Xia dropped the hammer and decided to end the auction of Dou Qi Potions. The families who were able to grab Dou Qi Potions had smiles on their faces. As for those who didn’t grab even a single bottle...

They sat down on the corners, drawing circles and cursing the other families.

The gold pots made by Shen Yanxiao were full and happy.

One hundred bottles of Dou Qi Potions earned thirty million gold coins for her!

The feeling of making money was really wonderful.

However, the families at the guest seats did not have time to relax as Qi Xia had already moved the Magic Potions out.

Just like the previous rules, the first twenty bottles would be sold one by one while the eighty bottles behind would be sold by batch.

Fellows, grab it!

The auction house that had just quieted down once again got into a fierce battle.

The upper cla.s.s families wouldn’t let go of even one bottle this time, raising their hands from the very beginning.

The lower-cla.s.s families could only wander and secretly curse their own ancestors for having no ability.

Originally, many powerful experts who wanted to get a bottle of potion would sit quietly in the face of an upper-cla.s.s family.

These experts had strength and reputation, and their power was mostly the result of their own painstaking cultivation. How could one's lifetime acc.u.mulation be compared with the upper cla.s.s families’ hundred years of precipitation?

What prestige, fame, and compliments? These were but mere fleeting clouds.

If described in one word, then -- useless!

The price of Magic Potions was similar to that of the Dou Qi Potions, and Shen Yanxiao had earned 30 million gold coins from them.

The Quenching Body Potions had completely plunged these upper cla.s.s families into madness.

One hundred bottles of Quenching Body Potions had a turnover of fifty million gold coins...

Within a few hours, Shen Yanxiao had made more than a hundred million gold coins...

This feeling...

So great!

With this money, she could arm the people of The Rising Sun City from head to toe, even their teeth, and could absolutely create a super city which everyone would worship!

Shen Yanxiao was very good at making money, while these influential families were very good at being exploited. However, these people who had been duped were a the state of satisfaction as they were happily and contently holding their bottles of potions. It made people quite speechless.

The five animals silently looked at the group of unlucky people. They would be quite sorry to tell them that the three kinds of potions that Shen Yanxiao had prepared today for the auction were something they usually drank like water. According to the auction price today, each of them at least drank 20 or 30 million worth of high-level potions.

In a flash, the five animals felt that it was good to have a Senior Pharmacist friend as a base!

They could drink potions without spending money! What was greater than that?

After the ferocious exploitation with the potions, the main auction item of the auction house, the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon created by the Azure Dragon Clan, was now on stage.

The tens of millions of coins that these families had spent earlier was counted separately from the money they had allocated for the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. They estimated that they would not be able to obtain the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon with just 80 or 90 million gold coins.

Just how commendable was the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon? Who would not know that this unique Divine Weapon that was forged for a hundred years would reach a transaction price of hundreds of millions?

Hence, everyone was ready to fight for it.

They didn’t want to take their money back home when they arrived at The Rising Sun City!

The final battle!


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