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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 833

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Apart from the five animals, no one else knew that the rules of auction that drove people crazy was the retaliation of someone who had seen her own interests exploited.

Seeing Shen Yanxiao with a treacherous smile on her face, the four animals in the backstage secretly swallowed their saliva.

This little la.s.s was really cruel!

Words as light as a feather had put an end to the alliance of these upper cla.s.s families and made the relatives enemies!

This ferocity was too cruel!

Shen Yanxiao played well to incite disharmony. They feared that these upper cla.s.s families wouldn’t know who caused this tragedy until they died.

Four batches of Dou Qi Potions and more than twenty families fought hard to win. The scene was absolutely spectacular.

When the first batch of Dou Qi Potions was taken out to be seen, the battle of the upper cla.s.s families began.

There were only four opportunities, and no one was willing to let it go. Everyone was afraid that they would miss the opportunity.

So the first person who stood up to place a bid raised the price directly to half a million!



What was an upper cla.s.s family?

The price increase was a hundred thousand!

The sound of roars made the tiny hearts of the lower-cla.s.s families at the side shuddered.

The battle of these big shots was really something they could not partic.i.p.ate in.

In less than a minute, the price of the first batch of potions exceeded one million.

But on average, one bottle was only 50,000 coins. It was far from reaching the price in Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

Of course, one million gold coins was far from reaching the bottom line of these upper cla.s.s families.

People continued bidding, and the price kept on soaring.

Two million...

Three million ...

Four million...

The unit price of each bottle of potions had exceeded the highest price of the previous single bottle, but those upper cla.s.s families still did not give up.

Twenty bottles of Dou Qi Potions were likely to produce twenty Senior Professionals for their families. It was just millions of gold coins, which was nothing compared to twenty Senior Professionals.

The fierce fighting between the upper cla.s.s was brutal and heinous.

In the end, the first batch of Dou Qi Potions was taken by an upper cla.s.s family of the Lan Yue Dynasty for seven million gold coins.

It must be said that the Lan Yue Dynasty people were really local tyrants!

With an average price of 350,000 gold coins, Shen Yanxiao was happy to roll on the floor, and rush to gnaw at the old man's bare skull.

One hundred bottles of Dou Qi Potions were concocted by her in three days, and twenty bottles of Dou Qi potions were concocted over just a bit more than half a day.

Just over half a day’s work was able to generate seven million gold coins; Shen Yanxiao simply wanted to laugh like a wolf. Shen Feng's decision was simply too right; a Pharmacist was really a profession that could make money the most!

Shen Yanxiao was joyous backstage. She still had only sold forty bottles of Dou Qi Potions, yet her income would soon break ten million; this money really came too easy.

The backstage had a very happy atmosphere while the scene in the guest seats was fierce.

The emergence of the second batch of Dou Qi Potions triggered a looting battle once again.

The final transaction price was also seven million gold coins.

It seemed that seven million was already the bottom line of these upper cla.s.s families. After all, this thing was still auxiliary. When they trained the younger generation of their family, they must look at their luck and character and must not let it gone to waste. They could hardly bear smashing so much money just for nothing.

Tens of millions of gold coins were not as easy to take out even for the upper cla.s.s families. Although their a.s.sets were numerous, there were also many people in the families. The benefits allocated to each person must be deducted from the family's funds.

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