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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 832

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How could Shen Yanxiao not guess the minds of these upper cla.s.s families?

They thought this was good; they could save money and not hurt their face.

If it were the other products, Shen Yanxiao would not despise them as much. After all, that money would not fall into her pocket.

However, these potions were all her stuff and all the income was hers. Their harmonious and friendly distribution was obviously jeopardizing her interests.

She could not stand it! Absolutely could not tolerate it!

Shen Yanxiao secretly gritted her teeth, her mind immediately had a wonderful idea.

She immediately drank a bottle of Invisibility Potion. High-level Invisibility Potion could make one invisible for 10 seconds. Even if it was a strong Second Stage Professional, they wouldn’t be able to see the person under the effect of the Invisibility Potion. Shen Yanxiao disappeared under the shock of the four animals.

On the auction stage, Qi Xia's mouth twitched slightly. This group of old foxes had a lot of ideas.

As he wondered how to destroy their plans, a familiar voice quietly pa.s.sed into his ears.

Qi Xia's eyes flashed a glimmer of light which quickly disappeared. The audience did not find any abnormalities on the auction stage. They all smiled and waited for the auction of the next bottle of Dou Qi Potions.

At this time, Shen Yanxiao had quickly slipped back and appeared in front of the four animals.

The faces of the four animals had a very frightened expression. Although they knew there were a lot of bizarre potions in pharmaceutics, Shen Yanxiao suddenly disappearing and appearing in front of them made them really a little emotional.

On the auction stage, Qi Xia smiled and watched the group of old foxes sitting at the audience seat.

"The next 80 bottles of Dou Qi Potions will be divided into four batches of integrated auctions, each with 20 bottles, and the starting price will be 100,000 gold coins." Qi Xia laughed merrily inwardly and said the words of Shen Yanxiao.

When this was said, the old foxes sitting below could no longer laugh.

Four auctions? With twenty bottles each batch?

Didn’t that mean that only four of them could obtain Dou Qi Potions?

A bunch of big shots were completely depressed.

Who would have thought that there would be such a thing in this auction, but they could not refute this because the auction staff did not even say that they would sell the 100 bottles of potions per single bottle. If they did just like that, they feared that this auction would take until evening.

But even so, their situation now was very bad.

The ten bottles of potions were just given to ten families, and the remaining more than ten families did not even have a single bottle yet.

Now only four of them had the opportunity to get Dou Qi Potions. What about the rest?

Those families who had already taken a bottle of potion were also unhappy. They were not lower cla.s.s families. They still only got a bottle of potion. In truth, they were already reluctant with the original distribution of four or five bottles, but due to the strength of everyone else, they could only reach a compromise.

But it was absolutely impossible for them to return home with only one bottle.

The originally calm and composed upper cla.s.s families were immediately caught in a fog by this sudden change.

Their eyes became not so friendly with others.

The lower cla.s.s families secretly sighed with relief. Fortunately, the auction house was kind and did not announce the news from the beginning. Otherwise, they would not even get the first ten bottles.

Several families were delighted while several others were not. The harmonious and friendly way of handling things by the upper cla.s.s families had been thrown aside by Shen Yanxiao's wretched plan. Even if they wanted to continue living in harmony, they feared that it was not possible anymore.

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