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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 828

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The two local tyrants continued to outdo each other and raised the price of the Pearl Milkstone to more than three million gold coins. At this time, the people in the auction house had already become very calm. The repeated stimuli from the two men had given them a certain amount of resistance to shock.

They were extremely calm as they watched the two people who were still fighting to death. If not for the Pearl Milkstone on the auction platform, they truly would not know what exactly they were fighting for.

The n.o.bleman of the Lan Yue Dynasty gasped for a breath of air. He was waiting to see if the handsome young man would bid again. He was nearly irritated to death. Raising the price of a precious stone to more than three million gold coins; even if he had a pig brain, he knew that this was a big loss. But if he let go of it now, would he not be losing face in front of many influential families?

He, a dignified n.o.ble, was overwhelmed by a mere pa.s.serby!

Right now, he was no longer fighting for the Pearl Milkstone but for his own face.

More than three million gold coins was not a small number for people, not to mention the price still continued to soar.

He felt a bit troubled. His main purpose for coming here was not the Pearl Milkstone, and his interest was merely momentarily aroused by such a rare treasure. As a result, he had encountered a stinking and shameless man.

If he really continued to bid, even if he bought the Pearl Milkstone, he feared that the he wouldn’t have enough money for the thing he really wanted to buy later.

The situation of the n.o.bleman was not good, and the young man was also uncomfortable on the other side.

This Pearl Milkstone was just an ornament in the eyes of the world. When he came, he had already thought that at most, he would spend around one million to win it. How could he expect that such a dilemma would come out and the price would actually rise to more than what he had expected.

This handsome young man was actually the black-robed man around Ouyang Huanyu. His main goal in this auction was the Pearl Milkstone, and the money in his hand was almost 5 million gold coins. His intention was to spend more than one million at most for it. But with the current situation, he was afraid that he would soon reach his bottom line.

Once the bid reached more than five million, he would not be able to take out more gold coins.

The young man’s eyes flashed with malicious intent.

In all fairness, he even hoped that the idiot would break through 5 million gold coins, so that he could be justified in slaughtering him and get the Pearl Milkstone without taking a single penny.

If only Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo were without scruples and had not told him to behave in a low-key manner, as soon as the idiot bid above him the second time, he already would have seen some blood.

But instead, he was like this now, bickering for a piece of stone like a madman.

The young man was murmuring to himself. As the price of the Pearl Milkstone broke through 4 million and marched toward 5 million, his killing intent was already strong.

Just after the youth had voice out the amount of five million gold coins, the whole auction house was silent.

Such ferocious price increase had really frightened them. They all looked at the other n.o.bleman on the other side to see if he would continue to increase the price.

As long as he opened his mouth, the young man would p.r.o.nounce his death sentence.

The n.o.bleman already looked flushed. He was panting as he glared at the young man. Although he knew that the price was already outrageous, he could not directly admit defeat for the sake of his face. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on him. Should he continue to increase the bid or should he now stop?

The n.o.bleman gritted his teeth and seemed like he would continue to increase the bid. The killing intent of the young man was already leaking.

"Master, our goal is not this, let's stop." The attendant who had been standing beside the n.o.bleman spoke out in time to stop the n.o.bleman’s madness.

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