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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 827

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"One million... seven hundred thousand..." A group of people secretly swallowed their saliva. Which of them did not have that wealth? But no one would take out so much money to buy a piece of decoration.

The Imperial Family of the Lan Yue Dynasty had always lived with a high n.o.ble status, and they especially loved to lift their faces, but this price was indeed a bit outrageous.

The bidder who had thrown an amazing price proudly looked at the crowd. His family was rich and he was happy to shoot as much as he could. Sometimes, the price was not to buy a thing but face!

He continued to sweep his gaze at the group of people who were still very aggressive a moment ago, but had been shaken now by his financial resources.

One person was very proud while others were contemptuous.

This was the real "local tyrant".

Shen Yanxiao was squatting behind the scene, looking at the Pearl Milkstone that was being auctioned and laughing very treacherously. She must say that if the fusion power in the Pearl Milkstone was still there, not to mention 1.7 million gold coins, even if it was 7.1 million gold coins, it would still not be enough for its price. But the fusion power in that stone had completely been consumed by her already. Furthermore, these local tyrants did not look like an expert with knowledge and cultural connotation, actually buying an ornament with that kind of price.

Shen Yanxiao was feeling very smug. She sold a thing she had already used with such amount after all, so how could she not feel that way?

Buying a wooden box and returning the pearls inside[1], there were actually people still doing that.

Just as everyone thought that the Pearl Milkstone was already taken down at a price of 1.7 million gold coins, a slender figure suddenly stood out from the crowd.

"Two million." The handsome young man's mouth revealed a smile that threw a price everyone did not expect.

“Two million! Is this man crazy?” The group of people could now really see the true meaning of a local tyrant. For a piece of precious stone, he actually tossed two million gold coins. This was not just some local tyrant, this was obviously a G.o.d of wealth!

The man from the Lan Yue Dynasty was also stunned. He thought that he had already been very valiant. He did not expect that someone could be more valiant than him.

At this time, everyone's eyes were concentrated on the young man who voiced out the final bid. They saw that he was wearing a cyan robe, and his handsome face held a modest smile. When they looked at him, they could tell that his birth was not low and that he must be a young master from an upper cla.s.s family. And this n.o.ble son was actually playing as a local tyrant.

The former bidder was not willing to be outdone. People's envious gazes should be directed at him, how could he let a handsome brat s.n.a.t.c.h the limelight from him?

This uncle could not bear such a thing to happen!

"2.1 million gold coins!" The previous local tyrant once again increased his bid.

The young man smiled and said, "2.2 million gold coins."

"2.3 million!"

"2.4 million."

"2.5 million!"


As these two ferocious local tyrants continued to fight it off, everyone thought that these two people were two idiots. If they increase the bid more, the price of this Pearl Milkstone would exceed the price of the sum of all the previous precious gems.

Just to hold onto their faces, they could actually empty their pockets?

The price of the Pearl Milkstone went up because of the compet.i.tion between the two people. Qi Xia laughed like a fox on the auction platform. Shen Yanxiao in the background just wanted to go out and cheer for the two local tyrants.

She couldn’t wait for them to raise the price of the Pearl Milkstone even more. Although the the Pearl Milkstone did not belong to her, the Phantom Auction House was hers. Once a thing was taken out, the auction house would receive a share according to the circ.u.mstances.

The higher the transaction price, the more the share.


Let the storm become even more violent. She liked that more!

[1] showing poor judgment

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