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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 764 - Unexpected Mistake 4

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These bastards, are they here to help or are they here to destroy the place?

At least when Ruan Yingzhe was staying in the Vermillion Bird Clan, he did not destroy the garden; this group of bastards, on the other hand, actually destroyed their backyard!

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes as she opened her mouth to mutter something.

Shen Feng saw that Shen Yanxiao was murmuring while looking over Qi Xia’s and others’ direction. He wanted to hear what his granddaughter was saying, and with his curiosity getting the best of him, he went near her and finally heard her whispers.

“Rock Garden, three thousand gold coins; five hundred gold coins for the labor. Stone table, around one thousand gold coins, the freight fee is two hundred gold coins. Each flower in the flowerbed, fifty gold coins…”

“What are you talking about Little Xiao?” Shen Feng could only react after hearing her calculating the losses.

Shen Yanxiao slowly turned her head towards him and expressionlessly said, "Computing the damages."

"Computing the damages?"

"To make a bill and send to the other four great clans, then let them pay the gold coins back.” Shen Yanxiao turned her head again and continued to calculate the losses.

"..." Shen Yanxiao’s words were like a lightning that struck Shen Feng’s head.

Was her granddaughter possessed by a Scrooge?

Shen Feng had not yet completely digested her words when Shen Yanxiao suddenly ran inside the house and came back again holding four papers.

Qi Cang, who was chasing Qi Xia, was prepared to cast another magic when a piece of paper was directly attached to his face.

“Eh?” Qi Cang blinked his eyes. He removed the paper from his face, puzzled. When he turned around, he noticed that Shen Yanxiao had also distributed a paper to the other three Clan Heads.

"What is this?" Qi Cang looked confusedly at the paper in his hand.

In the next second, his mouth twitched.

All the four Clan Heads stopped chasing their grandsons, because in each of their hand was a paper bill.

Shen Yanxiao had already returned beside Shen Feng. She swept a look over the four elders whose mouths were twitching before calmly saying, “I will send people to collect the gold coins at your residences tomorrow. Please, I ask the elders to prepare the money quickly.”

Qi Cang and the others looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise before turning their gazes at Shen Feng.

God knew that in their whole lifetime, no one had ever thrown a bill to their faces.

"This..." Yang Qiong looked at all the losses of the Vermillion Bird Clan that were listed on the bill. He tried to remember if he had really “accidentally” destroyed them.

The total value of the things in the list was ten thousand gold coins.

But, with the strength and prestige of their clans, was ten thousand gold coins something to fuss about?

Shen Yanxiao very calmly said, “The Vermillion Bird Clan had just experienced a crisis and is embarrassingly short of money, I hope everybody here won’t cheat us.”


Qi Cang and the others couldn’t help but vomit out blood.

Let us not even mention about how the Vermillion Bird Clan had not even lose any money this period of time. Even if there was a lost and they somewhat reached the point of poverty, they would still be in better condition than a poor common family, why would they care about a trifling matter like ten thousand gold coins?

Shen Yanxiao continued, "I am poor, my family is very poor, my family’s guards are also very poor, and even my family’s maids are very poor." Her "sincere" expression was really hard for Qi Cang and the others to digest.

However, they did cause some damage to this yard, even so...

Compared with the whole property of the Vermillion Bird Clan, these things were just a drop in the ocean! This little girl was really not generous!

Tang Ao looked at the list of flowers and grasses, and even the pebbles were worth a gold coin, he could only silently cry and complain to the heavens.

This level of shamelessness was absolutely more than that of the bastards in the Qilin Clan!

"It's already late, I would like to ask you people to please leave. I hope you all won’t forget about today’s business.” Shen Yanxiao calmly shooed them away.
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