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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 741 - Magic Archer (2)

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"I already sent people to call one." Although Shen Duan was impatient, he did not dare to show it in front of Ruan Yingzhe.

"Well, you also send someone to investigate. Just what kind of person is so bold to dare to move against my disciple." Ruan Yingzhe said with a taut face.

"Yes." Shen Duan thought for a moment before he said, "Today, Yifeng should have gone to the Azure Dragon Clan, is it not the Azure Dragon Clan?"

Ruan Yingzhe raised his hand to interrupt Shen Duan from speaking more.

"Yang Qiong is not stupid. He know that Yifeng is my disciple and will not dare to hurt him unless he is impatient to die."

“Who could it be then?” Shen Duan held a bitter face. Shen Yifeng was his only son, and Shen Duan himself was not young anymore. If something bad happened to Shen Yifeng, then that would be a terrible thing!

"It is unclear for now. You first let people investigate. If there is news, immediately notify me. I will definitely avenge Yifeng." Ruan Yingzhe said.

"Many thanks to Senior Ruan." Shen Duan quickly show his gratitude.

After a few moments, a dozen doctors were “invited” to the room by the guards of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Several Senior Priests were also at the side.

After a round of blessings, Shen Yifeng’s face slightly improved. The doctors hastened to heal his injuries upon entering the door .

Shen Duan did not hesitate to pour the few bottles of high-level potions that the Vermillion Bird Clan had stored for Shen Yifeng to drink.

Shen Duan was willing to spend anything and saved Shen Yifeng at all cost.

After a while, Shen Yifeng's condition stabilized, but he still looked pale.

"Ugh..." Shen Yifeng awoke in pain and he was struggling to open his eyes. He saw Shen Duan and Ruan Yingzhe standing by the window.

"Father, Master..."

"Yi Feng, you finally wake up, what happened in the end, how could you have suffered such a heavy injury?" Shen Duan saw Shen Yifeng sober up and immediately asked.

Shen Yifeng's mind was a little hazy, but there was a memory that was extremely clear. He hesitantly said, "I didn't know what exactly happened. On my way back from the Azure Dragon Clan, a mysterious person suddenly appeared. The man was an Archer. He’s very strong, at least as strong as a Second Stage Professional, I'm not really his opponent..."

Shen Yifeng described the false memory that Shen Yanxiao had planted in his mind in accordance with Shen Yanxiao’s instructions.

He only remembered that he had been attacked by someone of the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer. After his servants were killed, he was knocked out. When he woke up, he was already lying in a pool of blood, holding on to his last faith, he crawled back to Vermillion Bird Clan.

Shen Yifeng's remarks made Shen Duan feel shocked and angry. He could not help but feel alarmed when he heard that the person who attacked Shen Yifeng was a Second Stage Professional, a Magic Archer.

“What does Senior Ruan think of this matter?” A powerful Second Stage Professional was not a person who Shen Duan’s level could fight. He could only pin his hopes on Ruan Yingzhe’s body.

Ruan Yingzhe frowned slightly.

“There are only a handful of people in the Long Xuan Empire who have reached the Second Stage Profession. And I have not heard anyone in the Long Xuan Empire who has broken through to the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer. Are you sure you remember it right? Do you still remember that person’s appearance?"

Shen Yifeng responded,. "It is really a Magic Archer. As for the person’s appearance... I haven't had enough time to see him clearly when he knocked me out." These memories of Shen Yifeng were forged by Shen Yanxiao. Even if he tried to remember it, he would only see a shadow of a figure.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao told Shen Yifeng to say that it was a Magic Archer because she had attacked his two servants using bow and arrows. Even if Ruan Yingzhe had doubts, he would still be convinced.
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