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Shen Yanxiao’s ascension was due to the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal on her body that Xiu had greatly helped in unlocking. However Shen Yifeng’s previous inner talent could only be regarded as above average, for him to improve this fast was almost impossible.

If Shen Yanxiao didn’t see it right before her eyes, she would have never believed such a strange situation.

Shen Yifeng’s disappearance these past six months and his great improvement in strength made Shen Yanxiao very confused.

She firmly believed that Shen Yifeng's changes must have had a hidden secret.

And this secret was most likely related to Shen Duan’s and Shen Yue’s rebellion.

After narrowing her eyes, Shen Yanxiao got up. Since she had already seen him, she would not let Shen Yifeng slip away. Whether he might be an Advanced Swordsman or a Primary Swordsman, she would pry his mouth open and force him to tell her the whereabouts of Shen Feng and Shen Ling!

After making up her mind, Shen Yanxiao immediately left the restaurant. Taking advantage of the crowded area, she calmly followed Shen Yifeng.

Shen Yifeng continously moved forward; it seemed as though he had no intention to return to the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the direction in which he was moving. And her heart was surprised when she saw him going to the Azure Dragon Clan Residence!

Shen Yifeng stood outside the gates of the Azure Dragon Clan, his two servants immediately approached the guards of the Azure Dragon Clan and said a few words.

A moment later, the guards of the Azure Dragon Clan opened the door and let the three inside.

“Why would Shen Yifeng go to the Azure Dragon Clan?” Shen Yanxiao was hidden in the corner while watching the three people going inside the Azure Dragon Clan Residence, her mind was filled with doubts.

The relationship between the five great clan had always been very disharmonious. Regardless of how well Qi Xia and the other five animals treated her in private, the Clan Heads of the five great clans had a mutual dislike for one another; they simply had no contact with each other, and when they did meet each other they would battle with words; they were simply incompatible, like fire and water.

For Shen Yifeng to suddenly visit the Azure Dragon Clan… this really made others feel puzzled.

Without anyone noticing, Shen Yanxiao quickly ran through the back wall of the Azure Dragon Clan.

As a place she had patronized before, Shen Yanxiao knew very much about the internal structure of the Azure Dragon Clan Residence. She had barely stepped into the hall of the Azure Dragon Clan, and yet had found a safe and hidden place. Shen Yanxiao decided to check the situation out.

In the hall of the Azure Dragon Clan, the current head of the clan, Yang Qiong was sitting on the highest seat.

Yang Qiong was Yang Xi’s grandfather. He was very old-fashioned. He usually did not like talking about the younger generations of the other four great clans. Similar to the other four Clan Heads, this old gentleman was a ruthless, calculating man.

It was really very strange for him to see Shen Yifeng today.

At this moment, Shen Yifeng was standing in front of Yang Qiong. On that mystifying face hung a weird smile.

“Paying my respect to Senior Yang.”

Yang Qiong had a taut face when he looked at Shen Yifeng. He seemed to be a bit impatient, but he unexpectedly suppressed his anger and managed to remain calm, “Sit down.”

“Thank you.” Shen Yifeng sat down at the side.

"What's the matter that you are here for today?" Yang Qiong asked.

Shen Yifeng replied, “Our family’s master heard that the Azure Dragon Clan’s Hundred-Year Divine Weapon had been forged. This junior had especially come here to inquire about it to Senior Yang and would like to know whether or not Senior Yang is willing to sell this Hundred-Year Divine Weapon to our family’s master.”

Shen Yanxiao was secretly surprised, Shen Yifeng actually came to the Azure Dragon Clan to ask for the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon!

This matter was really unreasonable. The bad relationship between the Vermillion Bird Clan and the Azure Dragon Clan were not unknown to everyone. If Shen Yifeng's Master wanted to buy the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon, he should not let Shen Yifeng, a younger generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan show up and deliver the message.
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