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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 714 - Am I Not Human? 2

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"Good." Shen Yanxiao was looking forward to that day.

In fact, Xiu’s race was not important to her at all. They were allies, an inseparable allies.

At least, until Xiu had completely recovered, they could never become enemies.

For her death was also his downfall.

No longer curious about Xiu’s origins, Shen Yanxiao began to feel depressed with her silver hair again.

She could guarantee that if she went out looking like this, she would definitely scare people. She would be surrounded by the people and demons of The Rising Sun City and be watched just like a giant Panda.

She didn't want to let people know about the change in her because she hadn't figured out what was going on yet.

"Xiu, can you change my hair back to its original color?"

"I can."

Xiu’s voice had just sounded when Shen Yanxiao saw that the hair in her hands began to turn dark gradually starting from the end, and quickly turned into a black hair again.

Fortunately, there was Xiu, otherwise, she really did not know how would she face other people from this point onwards.

"You said that the Elf blood in me will become more and more obvious after the next layers of the seal are unlocked." Shen Yanxiao touched her hair that had been changed back into black and asked thoughtfully.

"This is theoretically true."

"If this is really the case, then can you help me maintain my human characteristics, at least until I figure out why I'm like this." The only good news was that she was different from Lan Fengli. At least, the changes in her were not from forceful integrations of races.

But what about the inherent Elf blood in her body?

In the Vermillion Bird Clan, other people were normal human beings. Shen Feng’s wife, her grandmother, was also a normal human. She could not see any similar situation in Shen Jiayi, Shen Jiawei, and Shen Yifeng. So, her father Shen Yu should also be a human being.

Was it her mother?

According to Shen Feng's memories, Shen Yanxiao's mother, Wen Ya, was a very beautiful and very elegant woman. Her origin was not so prominent, but one thing made Shen Yanxiao doubtful.

Shen Feng once said that Wen Ya, after being married to the Vermillion Bird Clan, had created a great deal of wealth for the clan using her excellent talents in concocting potions.

Shen Yanxiao initially thought that her own mother was a woman with great Pharmaceutical talent.

But when she thought of the blood of the Elves, she realized another possibility.

The Elves of the Moon God Continent were born with the ability to communicate with plants. They have a unique advantage in Pharmaceutics. Almost every Elf was a qualified Pharmacist since birth. The rare Master Pharmacist on the Radiance Continent was not so surprising to see in their mainland.

Wen Ya’s powerful Pharmaceutical talent, was it because she was from an Elf family?

If this were the case, Shen Yanxiao could explain why she also had an extraordinary talent in Pharmaceutics. Pharmaceutics basically had no relationship with dou qi and magic, and she seemed to have a natural talent for Pharmaceutics. Was it possible that the reason for it was the Elf blood in her body?

Shen Yanxiao was caught in a huge puzzle, but no one could dispel her doubts.

Wen Ya and Shen Yu died more than ten years ago. Shen Feng did not seem to know the special characteristics of his daughter-in-law. Shen Yanxiao could not find anyone who could give her answers.

With this in mind, Shen Yanxiao became even more curious. Where did the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal on her body come from? Why would this kind of seal that only the Gods could unlock appear on her when she was just a little baby?

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